Best Online Technology & Engineering Degree Programs

The field of technology and engineering is a very popular career choice–and for good reason. With computers and technology being such an integral part of virtually every aspect of work and leisure time, there is certainly room for talented individuals in IT and computer science fields. Online degree programs range from associate degrees to Ph.D. programs. While most positions in this field require a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, individuals with vast experience may be able to earn an associate degree to couple with the knowledge they already have to secure a position. For engineering positions, however, a Bachelor’s degree is the minimum degree accepted.

If an associate degree is the path you choose, an online degree can usually be completed in two years or less. For a Bachelor’s degree, you can expect to devote about four to five years of study. Many positions in the technology and engineering fields require specialized certifications and sometimes internships as well. The extra time for certification or internships can sometimes add up to an extra year to your degree, but the hands-on experience will help you secure a better job. Expect to be studying plenty of math, science, and computer classes while working on your degree. By the time you finish your degree, you will have polished your analytical and problem-solving skills as well as learned new technologies and computer programs.

Career options in the technology and engineering field are incredibly varied, but include such positions as web developer, software engineer, hardware designer, computer programmer, computer analyst, database administrator, and computer electrical engineer. The job prospects for most careers in technology and engineering is promising with average to above average growth expected in most positions. Salaries for these careers can vary depending on the degree held and the type of position. Generally, those jobs at the lower end of the pay scale may be in the $40,000 to $70,000 range while those at the higher end can average well over $100,000.