Best Online Religion & Theology Degree Programs

Working in the field of religion does not necessarily require any degree, but many discover that they can do more for both their career and the people they serve by getting either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Depending on what your religion requires, in addition to the seminary training usually expected, a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is often necessary for leadership roles in the religious community. Online Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are available in religious study programs to help you achieve your goals.

A typical course of study for a religious or theological degree will depend on what religion you practice. A typical Christian course of online study for a Bachelor’s degree may include core curriculum subjects such as English, history, and science as well as such religious courses as theology, history of the church, specific books of the Bible, and the Old and New Testaments. With a Master’s degree, courses may include similar topics with much more in depth examination of them as well as learning Greek and Hebrew languages. Upon receiving your degree, your skills will likely include the ability to lead and counsel others, a strong knowledge of the writings of your religion as well as the history of your religion.

Careers in the field of religion are not limited to church leaders, but also include missionaries, educators, counselors, music ministers, and more. Some people with religious degrees use their education as a starting point for other degrees in fields such as law, medicine, philosophy, and teaching at colleges and universities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that clergy occupations will continue to grow at faster than average rates than other professions with median salaries at $40,460 and other religious workers falling below that salary. Keep in mind that religious workers frequently have living expenses and health benefits provided to them as a part of their salary package as well.