Best Online Health & Nursing Degree Programs

The health field is such a broad one that many opportunities for employment exist for people who have earned an online degree in health or nursing. Online degrees range from an associate degree to a Ph.D. with the fields of study including massage therapy, dental assistant, nursing, health care management, medical billing, medical billing, pharmacy technician, radiology, nutrition, veterinary assistant, and many more. Whether you can get an associate degree, Bachelor’s degree, or higher will depend on what specialty you select from this field. Positions such as dental assistant or pharmacy technician can usually be obtained with an associate degree and either passing a state exam or receiving required certification whereas other careers such as advanced nursing require at least a Bachelor’s degree.

The amount of time spent on your degree will depend on the requirements of your chosen profession. Fields that require only a basic understanding and certification can sometimes be completed in less than 18 months. Associate degrees can usually be earned in about 18 months, but if you need to complete specialized training or study for certification, then that may take extra time. An online Bachelor’s degree can sometimes be earned in less than the typical four years it would take on a traditional campus. Again, depending on your selected field, the courses you can expect to study may vary widely. With most health and nursing degrees, though, you can expect some amount of science classes, and frequently other classes such as computer, psychology, English and ethics.

The outlook for jobs in the health and nursing fields is very good. Some of these fields are the fastest growing and are filled with career opportunities. Dental assistants and nurses are in high demand. Other popular jobs available include nutritionists, positions in health care management, surgery technicians, radiology technicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, medical transcriptionists, dental hygienists, and personal fitness trainers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the median income for healthcare support positions such as massage therapist and occupational therapist assistants with associate degrees is $23,820 whereas positions with more education such as nurses average around $60,000.