Best Online Education & Teaching Degree Programs

If education or teaching is the career you desire, then you have options available through online degree programs. Working with younger children in an early childhood education setting, you may only need an associate degree, but sometimes these positions do require a Bachelor’s degree. If you prefer to teach in a school, you will need to enroll in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program to meet your goals. In addition to a college degree, teachers also need certification or licensure from the state in which they wish to teach, which can sometimes be obtained while working on the degree or can be gotten after the degree coursework is complete. Another degree option is obtaining a Ph.D. to teach college or university level courses.

For a Bachelor’s degree online, you can expect to spend about 2 to 3 years on your studies and about 1 1/2 to 2 years for a Master’s program. Many programs also include the certification process as a part of their curriculum. If you want to teach elementary school, your studies will likely include a range of all subjects you will be teaching such as math, English, social studies, and science, as well as teaching theories, classroom management, and child development. Middle school and high school teachers will probably focus more intently on their subject of choice during their education rather than the wider range seen with elementary school teachers.

Teaching early childhood, elementary, middle school, and high school are not the only options for those interested in education. Special education, school administration, and reading specialists are among the other careers available for those working in the education and teaching fields. The field of education is a stable one with schools continuing to expand as the population continues to grow. Median salaries for regular education teachers is between $43,580 to $48,690 while special education teachers earn an average closer to $46,360.