Best Online Business Degree Programs

A business degree offers the flexibility of entering into one of several fields including marketing, advertising, finance, and management or provides a strong educational background for an entrepreneur wanting to make it solo. Online education includes business degrees ranging from an associate degree all the way to a Ph.D. Large portions of the people who enjoy a successful career with their business degrees achieve a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree with most obtaining a Master’s degree. Students going for a Master’s degree can opt for either an MA or MS with a concentration in a specific field such as economics or finance or get an MBA, which is a business degree with a wider scope than either of the other Master’s programs.

The amount of time your degree will take depends on how much education you already have. If you are starting with a high school education, obtaining your Bachelor’s degree may take about three or four years, depending on how many courses you take. If you have completed a Bachelor’s degree and want to earn a Master’s degree, some programs allow you to finish as quickly as 11 months if you dedicate yourself to your studies. What you can expect to study varies depending on the type of degree. For a Bachelor’s degree or an MBA, you can expect to take classes across a wide range including micro and macro economics, statistics, finance, accounting, marketing, communications, and management. If you decide to specialize in a certain field with Master’s degree, then your range of focus will narrow depending on your chosen subject.

Many graduates with business degrees find employment in a variety of management fields, marketing, accounting, sales, and human resource management, among others. The salary range for employees with a business degree varies widely depending on the selected field. According to the bureau of Labor Statistics, those in Human Resources can start with a national average around $30,000 whereas accountants’ median national income ranges from $50,000 to over $80,000. At the higher end, the national average salary for financial analysts range from over $70,000 to over $100,000. Job prospects for those in the business field are generally very good. Most jobs in this area are growing at least as fast as other jobs, if not faster than others. However, these positions are often highly coveted and require candidates who have at least a Bachelor’s degree, if not a Master’s, and are willing to put in long hours and plenty of hard work.