Top Online Colleges in Wisconsin

Finding an online program and earning your degree in Wisconsin is a simple to accomplish with plenty of degrees available. A great place to start your search is with Distance Learning.Wisconsin where you can explore the online possibilities with all the University of Wisconsin institutions. Degree programs include certificate programs as well as associate degrees, Bachelor’s degrees, and Master’s degrees. An important element in choosing an online program is to make sure the institution is recognized by the state. One easy way to find out this information is to use the search feature at the State of Wisconsin Educational Approval Board to search for approved schools and programs operating in Wisconsin.

Many students find that they need help paying for the expenses of an education. One way to offset the cost of school is by applying for financial aid. Online students who are enrolled at a recognized or accredited school are eligible to apply for many of the same financial aid programs as are traditional students. One option for financial aid is student loans. These loans must be repaid, but are often issued at low interest rates. Find out more about what loans are available and how to apply by visiting the Great Lakes website. Other options for aid include scholarships and grants, which are gifts that do not have to be repaid. In Wisconsin, many scholarships and grants are available and go to students who qualify with varying criteria such as financial need, academic achievement, being Native American or part of another minority group, or students with hearing or visual impairments.

Another important consideration when planning your online education is what you plan to do with your degree. Finding a job in a successful occupation within a growing field offers promise to the success of your career. Current trends in Wisconsin indicate that some of the fastest growing careers include physician assistants, network systems and data communications analysts, computer software engineers, dental hygienists, network and computer systems administrators, registered nurses, and physical therapists. The median salaries for these positions range from $57,700 to $80,400 a year. Other fast-growing jobs that require only a high school education average around $26,800. Earning an online degree in Wisconsin certainly boosts earning potential and hopes for a bright future.