Top Online Colleges in Washington

Earning your degree online in Washington will help you get a great start on your future. A good place to start when looking for available schools is this listing from the Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board lists all schools operating in Washington. Many public schools as well as private schools offer online degrees. Some of the degrees available online include associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees. Make sure that any school you select for your education is accredited so that your degree will carry the prestige it deserves after your hard work.

Many students find that they need the assistance of financial aid to help pay for the expenses of an education. Online degree seekers are often eligible to apply for many of the same opportunities as traditional students. The list of schools above also includes a list of institutions that do not participate in Washington state financial aid programs. You may find that there are other financial aid opportunities for these schools outside the state programs including federal and private opportunities or programs within each specific school. You can find information about federal student loan programs as well as start the application process at the Northwest Education Loan Association. For information on other financial aid opportunities such as scholarships and grants, you can visit the Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Another important consideration when planning your online education is what you will do with your degree after graduation. Learning about fast-growing career trends can help you decide on a field of study. Current trends indicate that careers such as computer software engineers, computer and information scientists, computer programmers, technical writers, architects, veterinarians, and architectural and civil drafters are experiencing much growth in Washington. The median salaries for these positions range from $69,000 to $99,000 a year. Other fast growing fields in Washington that do not require education past high school are averaging around $30,000 a year. Clearly, earning your online degree in Washington will pay off for your future.