Top Online Colleges in Texas

There are many opportunities for studying online and earning your degree in Texas. If you are searching for a place to earn your degree online, Texas Distance Education offers plenty of information on courses, degree programs and more that are available online. All of the educational institutions on this site agree to adhere to the Principles of Good Practice set forth by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education and participating organizations. Additionally, these institutions are on approved program lists with the state. You can also check to see if a program is on the Fraudulent or Substandard Institutions with a Texas Connection list. Ensuring you enroll in a good quality program will give you the best education possible and provide a degree that holds respect.

For many students, the cost of financing an education is expensive. Financial aid is an option that many students use to their advantage. Studying online with an accredited school allows you to be eligible to apply for the same financial aid programs as students at traditional schools. You can learn about the various student loans available in Texas from the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation. Also available are scholarships, grants, loan forgiveness programs, loan repayment programs, and work-study programs. Scholarships and grants are money given to students who meet certain criteria such as high academic achievement, financial need, or athletic ability whereas loan forgiveness and repayment programs allow for students to work in careers or geographic locations that are in need of certain professionals in exchange for dismissing their loan payments. To learn more about these types of financial aid opportunities, visit

Another important aspect to consider when planning for your online education is what you will do with your degree after graduation. Ensuring that your degree will work for you will help provide a stable and successful career. Some of the fastest growing careers in Texas include regular and special education teachers, nurses, corporate managers, physician assistants, and network systems and data communications. Median salaries for these careers range between $43,000 to $93,000 a year. These careers all require a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, but if you look at fast-growing jobs that do not require any education after high school, the median income is around $20,000. Earning your online degree in Texas will certainly help you get started on the path to a successful career.