Top Online Colleges in Tennessee

If earning your online degree in Tennessee is your goal, then you should have no problem finding a school to help you get there. You can earn anything from a professional certification to an associate degree to a Bachelor’s degree to a Master’s degree online. One important step when determining where you will study is to make sure the educational institution you are interested in is accredited. Accreditation gives your degree the prestige it deserves and will also help you if you need financial aid. You can see a list of authorized postsecondary institutions at Tennessee Postsecondary Institutions of Higher Education.

Paying for an education can be expensive for many students. If you find you need some help financing your online degree, then you can look into the various options for students in Tennessee. As long as your school is recognized by the state, you are eligible to apply for the same financial aid as traditional students. Some of the options for aid include student loans, scholarships, and grants. Student loans include federal programs such as the Stafford, PLUS, and Perkins loans as well as private loans. Loans must be repaid, so take care to find one with a low interest rate and student-friendly repayment options. For money that does not have to be repaid, you can check out scholarships and grants. Tennessee offers several grants and scholarships for students with high academic achievement, in financial need, who attend a technical school, war heroes, foster children, and more. Other financial aid opportunities include many loan forgiveness programs that will allow the student to forgo repaying the loan in exchange for working in careers or areas of the state that are in need of professionals. Find out more about these opportunities at College Pays.

In addition to where you will study and how to pay for your education, what you will do with your degree is another important consideration. Selecting a field of study that will allow you to work in a high-demand career will help set you up for a promising future. Some of the fastest growing careers in Tennessee, according to the Department of Labor and Workforce Development, include regular education and special education teachers, accountants and auditors, computer software engineers, medical and clinical laboratory technologists, and construction managers. The average annual salaries for these jobs range from $39,000 to $67,000. Compare these careers with jobs that do not require education beyond high school with salaries around $25,000 and you can see that earning your online degree in Tennessee is definitely worth the commitment.