Top Online Colleges in Rhode Island

Earning an online degree in Rhode Island is a great way to get a start on your future. Online programs available include everything from professional certification to associate degrees to Bachelor’s degrees and graduate degrees. When selecting an online program, make sure it is with an accredited educational institution. Accreditation lends respectability to your degree and also allows you to apply for financial aid, if you need to do so. In Rhode Island, you can view a list of schools regulated by the Rhode Island Office of Higher Education on the Rhode Island Board of Governors for Higher Education.

With the high cost of education, many students find they need help paying for it all. If you would like to take advantage of financial aid, you can apply for the same opportunities as students at traditional schools if your educational institution is accredited. You can find assistance with your financial aid questions and can research what is available through the Rhode Island Higher Education Assistance Authority. If you are interested in student loan options, Rhode Island offers federal loans such as Stafford and PLUS loans as well as private loans. As for money that does not have to be repaid, there are scholarships and grants available too. Some of these awards go to students who show financial need, high academic achievers, have athletic abilities, and to those with special circumstances.

In addition to selecting a program and financing it, you will also want to think about where you would like your education to take you. Selecting a career from fields that look promising for the future will help ensure security for you. According to the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training, some of the fastest growing careers include registered nurses, accountants and auditors, teachers, computer systems analysts, management analysts, personal financial advisors, and computer software engineers. The median salaries for these professions range from $60,000 to $84,500 a year. Compare these Bachelor’s degree level positions with other fast growing jobs in Rhode Island that do not require any education past high school that pay around $21,000. Earning your online degree truly makes a difference when thinking toward your future employment in Rhode Island.