Top Online Colleges in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a populous state, as it is home to more than 12.44 million people. Cities like Harrisburg, Lancaster, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh attract workers in a variety of industries, from manufacturing to health care to education. Earning a degree or professional certificate in one of these areas can help you land a job and contribute to the growth and overall health of the state economy. Online programs help students enroll in school without having to relocate, commute, or give up current job commitments. To search for an online college or university in Pennsylvania, turn to the Pennsylvania Department of Education website, which posts lists of degree programs and accredited schools. Students can search categories like adult education, postsecondary training and support, specialized associate degrees, veterans education, technical college programs, private licensed schools, community colleges, and colleges and universities.

Depending on the length of your program and the type of degree program and school you plan to enroll in, you may need financial aid assistance. Information about state grants can be found on the Pennsylvania Department of Education website, including the New Economy Technology Program and grants for community college or technical college students. The website for the American Education Services is also a helpful resource, providing information about student loans, grants and scholarships.

Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate remains below the national average, though it has increased by 0.4% in the last year. Over 32% of the working population in Pennsylvania work in a professional or management position, in industries like education and health care. Sales is the next greatest industry, employing 27% of the working population. These professionals earned an average of $35,180 last year, while health care support professionals earned an average of $24,920, health care practitioners earned $61,050 on average, and elementary school teachers earned $50,410. Manufacturing jobs employ 16% of the Pennsylvania laborers. For more statistics about Pennsylvania’s workforce, you can refer to the Center for Workforce Information and Analysis.