Top Online Colleges in Oregon

The beautiful scenery and friendly atmosphere of Oregon make this state a great place to live for young people, outdoorsy types, and adventure seekers. Oregon has both large cities like Portland, as well as mountainous and coastal regions to explore. Oregon has experienced a rise in unemployment over the past year, so having a degree from an accredited college or university may give you a sharp edge over the other competitors in your market. If you’d like to pursue an online degree that will be well-received in Oregon after you graduate, check this website, Students can search by community colleges, universities, and private colleges and universities. Links to each school’s website are provided, so students can look up online programs and financial aid information.

Students who need more financial aid than they can receive directly from their school can look to the state of Oregon for help. The Oregon Student Assistance Commission lists scholarship programs and other important information about financial aid in Oregon. Some scholarships and grants listed include the Employer Tax Credit Program, Oregon Opportunity Grant, Oregon Nursing Services Program and Oregon National Guard State Tuition Program. The Educational Credit Management Corporation also serves Oregon students and posts information about applying for and paying back loans.

Oregon’s current rate of unemployment, 6.5%, is just over the national rate of 6.1%. The website Worksource publishes lots of information for hopeful workers in the state of Oregon, including industry trends, tips for finding jobs, evaluating statistics and more. Manufacturing, retail trade and transportation are some of the biggest industries in the state, as well as finance, education and professional and/or business services. Getting a degree and professional certificate in one of these industries can give you a significant edge in the general workforce once you graduate.