Top Online Colleges in Ohio

Ohio welcomes more than 11.4 million residents in rural communities and large, populous cities like Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus. Though the overall job growth rate projected for Ohio is not very significant, these communities can provide many job openings and opportunities for those with a college degree or professional certificate. Online education in Ohio can be a good choice for those who want to enroll in an institution that is in another city, study from home while continuing to work at their current job, and find more flexible academic programs. The Ohio Board of Regents website posts information about graduate programs, technical schools, two-year programs, colleges, private schools, and a lot more. Students will also find qualifying and accreditation information for various types of schools and programs on this site, and more specific resources for focused areas of study, like the Diploma Schools of Nursing site.

Students who are ready to further their careers and education through an online program may still be concerned about paying for tuition. Ohio has many resources available to students seeking financial aid, including the My Great Lakes website. This organization is dedicated to serving college students in the Great Lakes region, and the website posts information about filling out forms, budgeting for school, applying for loans and more. The Ohio Board of Regents also lists state grants and scholarships available to Ohio students, including the Ohio Teachers Corps Program, Ohio Academic Scholarship, Regents Graduate/Professional Fellowship Program and others. More information about scholarships and financial aid can be found on a specific school’s website.

The unemployment rate in Ohio is above the national average, at 7.4%; however, the state is expected to create 425,000 new jobs over the next several years. Many of these jobs are in the service providing industries and in professional positions. The number of Ohio residents with a bachelor’s degree or higher is less than the national average, and graduates who do have bachelor’s and graduate level degrees will find that their status makes them more competitive in the job market. Ohio residents working in business and finance earn a median salary of $57,420, while those employed by colleges, libraries, school and training centers earned a mean salary of $49,370. Nearly 550,000 Ohio residents are involved in sales and sales-related jobs, earning an average of $33,850, though this amount can vary greatly depending on the exact sales field.