Top Online Colleges in North Dakota

The northern Midwest state of North Dakota has a population of over 635,000 residents, most of whom live in cities like Bismarck and Fargo. Though North Dakota isn’t often considered to be a culturally rich state, over 5% of the population is of Native American heritage, it borders Canada, and it plays a strong role in United States history as a frontier state. Students wanting to enroll in an online college or university in North Dakota can look up a list of schools at the website for the North Dakota University System. Students will find information about degrees at varying levels at state schools.

Although students may want to enroll in an online program because it affords them more flexibility, they might still have trouble paying for their education. The state Student Loans of North Dakota website can help these students learn about loan programs, interest rates, and other factors that qualify them for this kind of tuition assistance. The website for the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction also lists several links that can direct students to scholarship and tuition assistance resources. Individual schools, federal aid through the FAFSA program, and tuition reimbursement programs are even more options for paying for online education.

Although North Dakota has been experiencing a population decline for several years — especially among young people — the state has an unemployment rate that is very much below the national average. In fact, North Dakota’s unemployment rate is one of the lowest rates in the country, at just 3.6%. Agriculture is a big industry in North Dakota, but some of the industries that employ the most residents include education and training, health care, food preparation and service, sales, production, and office administration. Most of these industries require at least a lower level degree even for entry-level positions. All industries reward those with a college education with the top paying and most covetable positions. The average salary for those working in education is around $40,310 while health care workers earn between $23,260 and $54,520, depending on their positions. For more information on wages in North Dakota, this website offers several different resources.