Top Online Colleges in New Mexico

New Mexico’s diverse population, temperate climate, beautiful scenery and a computer and mathematical industry that is projected to grow 20 to 30% until 2016 make the state an attractive place to live and work. In order to compete in New Mexico’s work force, candidates need to have at least a bachelor’s degree, as the industries expected to grow the most require higher education and higher degrees, according to the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions. An online education can be a great way for New Mexico residents to earn degrees, allowing them to attend schools across the state without having to relocate and to pursue a degree without having to give up work or personal commitments. To find information about online programs through New Mexico colleges and universities, visit the website for the New Mexico Higher Education Department, which also posts information about private postsecondary schools in the state.

Students needing financial aid in order to complete an online program in New Mexico can also turn to the New Mexico Higher Education Department. The organization’s financial aid and scholarships website gives information about loans, grants, scholarships, FAFSA forms, and the Legislative Lottery Scholarship. Online students can also research their particular school for information on merit-based, social, ethnic and military-related scholarships and financial aid.

Though the overall job outlook in New Mexico is projected to grow at an average to less than average rate, careers in computer science, math and health care should remain steady. The mean salary for computer and mathematical science professionals is around $67,960, while architecture and engineer professionals earn an average of $68,510, and those in health care practitioner and technical positions earn $63,260. Protective service jobs are also supposed to grow at an average rate, and those professionals can earn around $32,520 in New Mexico. Because these industries require either higher degrees or very specific training, job candidates should have a solid education and professional certificates to compete.