Top Online Colleges in Nevada

Nevada’s booming tourist industry, affording Nevada residents many job opportunities in food service, hospitality management, construction, building maintenance and the personal service industries. An online degree can give you a higher chance at snagging a stable position in one of these industries and award you with possibilities of promotions and management opportunities. To start your search of a top online college or university in Nevada, visit the Nevada System of Higher Education website, which has a Distance Education Catalog and information about tuition and financial aid. Many distance education and online institutions offer degrees at many different levels, from associate’s to Ph.D., but earning at least a bachelor’s degree and/or professional certificate will connect you to some of the most competitive jobs.

Online education, while cost effective for many students, is not cheap. From tuition to technology upgrades and software programs, paying for online education can become a problem; financial aid, however, is available even to online students. The organization USA Funds serves students in Nevada by providing scholarships and grants. The Nevada System of Higher Education website features information about state-specific scholarships, like the NSHE Millennium Scholarship, and a chart displaying the current tuition and fees by college in the state.

While the current unemployment rate is higher than the national average in several Nevada cities including Las Vegas, the overall occupational projections are supposed to increase by 42.7% and even more in Las Vegas. Reno’s occupational projections until 2014 are 31.9%. Las Vegas and Reno are two cities that attract millions of tourists from around the United States and the world. There are a multitude of opportunities available in food service, hospitality and hotel management, as well as sales and construction. Nevada also has a healthy population of office and administrative workers, and the best, most competitive jobs can be secured with a quality online degree. Chefs and head cooks earned a mean salary of $43,800, while gaming supervisors earned an average of $44,790, office and administrative support workers earned $31,130, and first-line construction supervisors earned $64,860.