Top Online Colleges in Missouri

Earning an online degree in Missouri is a smart move for your future. Available online are programs to earn an associate degree, Bachelor’s degree, or Master’s degree. You can also take professional certification courses online to receive any certification you may need for your career. It is important to find an accredited degree program when selecting a school. Browse through the listing of quality educational institutions at the Missouri Department of Higher Education site. Ensuring you have an accredited program will validate the hard work you do to earn your degree, and is also necessary if you will be applying for any financial aid.

For many students, financial aid makes all the difference in being able to afford an education. Earning your degree online doesn’t mean you have to forfeit any opportunities for financial aid. As long as your school is accredited and recognized by the state, you can apply for assistance. The types of financial aid available include federal loans such as the Stafford, Perkins, and PLUS loans. Various private loans are also available, but be aware that these are usually issued at a much higher interest rate than the federal loans. You can also apply for scholarships and grants. Missouri offers these awards that do not have to be repaid to students with high academic achievement, to those in financial need, and to those with special circumstances such as being the child of a public service officer disabled or killed in the line of duty.

Another important consideration when planning your online education is where you will go after graduation. Thinking about what type of career you will pursue can make a big difference in your future earnings. According to the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, the "hot jobs" of the future include multimedia artists and animators, public relations specialists, accountants and auditors, budget analysts, computer software engineers, construction managers, healthcare practitioners, market research analysts, special education teachers, civil engineers, and industrial engineers. The average salaries for these positions range from $43,000 to $75,000. Other fast growing jobs that do not require a Bachelor’s degree average around $28,000. As you can see, earning your online degree in Missouri will significantly improve your chances for a successful career.