Top Online Colleges in Mississippi

Making the decision to get an online degree in Mississippi is a great step forward for your future. Whether you would like to earn an associate degree, Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree or just need to get professional certification, you have options to meet your needs with online programs in Mississippi. Online students can take advantage of Mississippi e-Campus to find plenty of information about online learning opportunities in Mississippi. All of the educational programs at this site are regionally accredited, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the programs.

After selecting your online degree program, you may need to explore financial aid opportunities. In Mississippi, online students enjoy much of the same access to available financial aid as traditional students do. Some of these opportunities include federal student loans such as Stafford and PLUS loans available to both students and parents. Other opportunities include scholarships and grants. Some of these awards go students in need, students with high academic achievement, students with special circumstances, and students studying for specific careers–especially in the health or teaching fields. Mississippi offers many scholarships, loan repayment programs, and loan scholarship programs for future teachers. If you plan to work in an area that is experiencing a teacher shortage, you may qualify for more aid.

Another important consideration when planning your online degree is where your education will take you after graduation. Selecting a career field that is growing in Mississippi and shows potential is a wise career move. According to the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning, the top careers in the state include accountants, audiologist, architect, curriculum training specialist, dentist, editor, teacher, engineer, investment banker, landscape architect, management consultant, occupational therapist, pharmacist, registered nurse, and veterinarian. The average start-up salaries for these jobs range from $47,000 to $258,000. Compare these salaries that require a degree beyond high school with the national average earnings of employees with high school only around $21,000 and you can see that earning an online degree in Mississippi is definitely a smart move for your future.