Top Online Colleges in Michigan

If you live in Michigan and plan on pursuing an online degree, you will find plenty of opportunities waiting for you. Online education programs range from associate degrees to Bachelor’s degrees to Master’s degrees as well as professional certification courses. An important factor in determining which online programs are the best is discovering if they are an accredited program. You can learn about any schools that are not accredited from this list of colleges and universities not accredited by CHEA.

Besides accreditation, another important decision to make when it comes to your online degree is financial aid. Many students find they need help financing their education expenses. If you are pursuing an online degree, it is important to know that you may qualify for some of the same financial aid programs that students at traditional schools can receive. Many students qualify for student loans. Some of these loans available in Michigan include the federal Stafford, PLUS, and Perkins loans as well as private loans. Scholarships and grants are another chance to receive money for school, but these programs do not usually require repayment. In Michigan some of these monies are awarded to students based on academic achievement, financial need, or other qualifications such as being a part-time adult learner, child of a veteran, or a nursing student.

Earning your online degree will hopefully lead to a successful career. One way to ensure you are aiming for a job in a promising industry is to look at the job market in Michigan. According to Michigan’s Labor Market Information, some of the fastest growing career fields of the future will include those that require an associate degree or higher. Some of these fields include business and financial operations, computer and mathematics, community and social services, health care, and the legal field. Average salaries for these careers range from $43,000 to over $88,000.