Top Online Colleges in Louisiana

For a step in the right direction when it comes to your future, getting an online degree in Louisiana is a great option. Online degree programs include associate degrees, Bachelor’s degree, and Master’s degrees. Other online education options include upgrading your current professional certification or gaining new certification. To find information on accredited degree programs, what programs are available online, and more, visit the Louisiana Board of Regents website. You will even find a helpful section devoted specifically to online learners.

Paying for an education can be expensive. If you will need the assistance of financial aid, you’ll be glad to know that online learners are also eligible for aid. Be sure that your degree program is an accredited one in order to qualify for most available financial aid. You may be eligible for most of the federal loan programs such as Stafford, PLUS, and consolidation loans. Visit the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance for instructions on how to apply for these programs. This site also offers information on scholarships and grants. Some of these opportunities include awards made to students with high academic achievement, those in financial need, students with athletic abilities, students studying forestry, wildlife or marine science, and more.

Another aspect to consider when planning your education is the direction your career will take after graduation. Some of the fastest growing career fields in Louisiana include drafters, managers of correctional officers, ship engineers, commercial pilots, petroleum engineers, and captains, mates, or pilots of water vessels. The average salaries for these careers range from around $44,500 to $92,000. With average salaries for those without education past high school hovering around $21,000 a year, getting your degree online in Louisiana is a smart move for your future.