Top Online Colleges in Kentucky

If you plan on earning an online degree in Kentucky, there are many options to choose from. Several educational institutions offer opportunities for students to earn anything from career certification to an associate degree to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. One place to get started when looking at online degree programs is the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education. Here you can find information specific to earning an online degree in Kentucky, learn about the various aspects of higher education in the state, or even the median earnings of employees in Kentucky by educational attainment.

Another factor to consider when planning your online degree is financial aid. For many students, the expenses of a degree must be offset by some kind of financial assistance. For online learners, there are several opportunities for financial aid in Kentucky. Just make sure your school offers a quality, accredited program to help you qualify for aid. Check out the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority website for information on available student loans as well as scholarships and grants. Federal loan programs include the Stafford and PLUS loans available to both students and parent borrows. These loans are usually available at very low interest rates. Scholarships and grants are an excellent way to get money for school that does not have to be repaid. Some of these opportunities in Kentucky are awarded to students preparing for a career as a teacher or a job in early childhood education, those with high academic achievement, those in financial need, students earning a degree in osteopathic medicine, or for adult learners over the age of 24 looking for a better future.

Earning an online degree can lead to a career earning more money than if you did not get a degree. Trends in Kentucky indicate that the top fastest growing careers requiring an associate degree or higher include registered nurses, general and operations managers, teachers, accountants and auditors, and chief executives. The average salaries for these positions range from $49,300 to over $130,000 a year. For employees in Kentucky without any education past high school, the average salary is around $17,500. Getting an online degree and focusing on a career in an area of growth shows promise for your future.