Top Online Colleges in Kansas

Earning your online degree in Kansas is a great first step to a better future. Many online programs are available awarding degrees ranging from an associate to a Master’s degree. One place to find out about distance learning in the state is on the Kansas Board of Regents site. Here you can search for degrees by institution, level, degree type, and delivery type. Browse around this site for even more information on earning a college degree and get information about specific educational institutions, opportunities for students, and financial aid.

If paying for your degree poses a challenge, then you might want to check into financial aid opportunities for your online education. Scholarships and grants available in Kansas include awards to those in financial need, future teachers, financially needy minority students, nursing students, high academic achievers, and graduate students in osteopathic medical service, optometry, and dental fields. If you are interested in student loans, then visit the USA Funds site for information on applying and obtaining student loans. You can also get information on how to keep education expenses in check, prevent defaults on your loans, ways to find loan payment solutions, and information for parent borrows.

In addition to where you will get your online degree and how you will pay for it, another consideration while planning your education is on what field of study you should focus. Knowing what careers are growing in Kansas may help you define your degree type. According to the Kansas Department of Labor, some of the fastest growing occupations in the state include elementary school teachers, network systems and data communications analysts, dental assistants and hygienists, sales engineers, physician assistants, general and operations managers, and computer software engineers. The average salary for employees in Kansas with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is $62,774. The national average salary for workers without any education past high school is around $21,000, so you can see that earning your online degree in Kansas will benefit your future tremendously.