Top Online Colleges in Indiana

If you want to earn your degree online in Indiana, you have plenty of choices for an excellent education, no matter your career goals. Getting your degree online in Indiana is made much easier with the assistance of Indiana College Network. This organization brings together students interested in distance learning in Indiana with top quality, accredited member educational institutions to help prepare students for their education. Whether you want a certification, an associate degree, or a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or even a Ph.D. in Technology Management, you have options with Indiana colleges offering online programs.

Once you have found the school where you will be pursuing your online degree, you may discover you need some help paying for your education. It’s good to know that Indiana offers many choices for financial aid to students studying online. Student loan options include the federal programs such as Stafford, PLUS, and Perkins loans. You can find more information about these loans or even get started filing your application through USA Funds. If you are interested in learning about scholarships and grants available in Illinois, then visit the Indiana Commission for Higher Education where you can research and apply for other types of financial aid. Some of the money available goes to teachers preparing to work in high needs areas, those with high academic achievement, minority or special education teachers, nursing students, dependents of disabled veterans, members of the National Guard, and more.

Earning and paying for your degree are not the only points to consider when thinking about your online education. You will also need to think about the direction your education will take you when you enter into a career field. Trends indicate that the "hot jobs" in Indiana over the next several years will include registered nurses, teachers, managers, accountants and auditors, dental hygienists, network and computer systems administrators, pharmacists, and computer software engineers. Average salary ranges for these jobs are from around $46,000 to 94,000. Considering many of the salaries for positions that don’t require any education after high school are usually at least $20,000 a year less than those careers requiring a degree, earning your online degree in Indiana is a smart move for your future.