Top Online Colleges in Idaho

Getting an online degree in Idaho is no problem. Whether you want to earn an associate, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree, you can get a good quality education online. Finding a place to study for your degree online in Idaho is made much easier with the assistance of Idaho Electronic Campus. This site connects you with classes and entire degree programs available online in Idaho. All educational institutions found at this site are accredited by nationally recognized accrediting bodies so you can feel confident in the quality of your degree. You can also find answers to many of your questions about distance learning as well as have access to useful tools such as dictionaries, thesauruses, encyclopedias, and even access information about financial aid.

Financing your education can be expensive, but just like at traditional schools, online students in Idaho have access to financial aid. If you are interested in finding out what type of student loans are available, take a look at your options on the Northwest Education Loan Association website where you can research your options and start the application process. For information about scholarships, head to the Idaho State Board of Education website to see what is available. Some of the state funded or campus-based scholarships serve students with high academic achievement, in financial need, graduates of specific high schools, future teachers in underserved areas, or "at risk" students. Other financial options include a work-study program and loan forgiveness for future teachers or nurses.

Another important part of preparing for your future is looking beyond your education to your career. Idaho’s job market is looking promising over the next few years as the state pulls out of an economic slump. Two areas expected to have more growth include the computer software and health care industries. According to the Idaho Department of Labor, the average salary for employees with a Bachelor’s degree is $56,139 a year and for those with a Master’s degree it is $65,790. Compare these numbers to the salaries of those with no degree and short-term on-the-job training ($21,195) and long-term and moderate on-the-job training ($30,680) and you can see that having a degree in Idaho really pays off.