Top Online Colleges in Hawaii

With the unique location and layout of Hawaii, earning an online degree may be one of the only options for some students. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities for students to complete their education online. If you are checking out the various possible degree programs, then you will want to see what the Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs has to say about the various online degree programs. Not only can you learn about which programs are accredited, you can also get a listing of the programs that have less-than-spotless reputations with problems ranging from law suits to schools falsely claiming accreditation.

In addition to finding the right school for your online degree, you may also need to learn about any financial aid available in Hawaii to help fund your education. A great place to start is at the Hawai’i Community Foundation where you can learn about many of the grants and scholarships available to college students. Browse through the categories for awards including you area of study, the island on which you live, graduates of specific high schools, and members of specific ethnicities, religions, or organizations. In addition to the many scholarships and grants available, you can also learn about student loans at USA Funds, which is the student loan guarantor for Hawaii. You can apply for programs such as the Stafford, PLUS, and Perkins loans through this agency and even learn about scholarships as well.

The final step to preparing for your career will be to focus on employment. Current trends indicate that education, health services, management, scientific and technical services will be the excellent fields for employment in Hawaii over the next few years. Specific occupations listed as some of Hawaii’s fastest growing include computer software engineers, network systems and data communications analysts, teachers, detectives and criminal investigators, and computer systems analysts. Average salaries for these positions range from $45,000 to $76,500.