Top Online Colleges in Florida

Working toward a better future through earning an online degree in Florida is a smart move. Whether you are seeking an associate degree, a Bachelor’s degree, or a graduate level degree, you can find a good quality online education. Be sure to visit the Florida Board of Governors website where you can find out specific information about the various degree programs. This site even has a helpful section devoted specifically to distance learners that includes information on each of the accredited online programs as well as links to other resources such as the Florida Distance Learning Consortium.

Once you find the perfect online degree program for you, then you might need to learn about financial aid opportunities to help fund your education. If you are looking for student loans, Florida offers federal student loans such as the Stafford, PLUS, and Federal Consolidated Loans. For scholarship and grant opportunities, check out the Florida Student Scholarship & Grant Program where you can learn about the numerous programs available to students. Some of these programs are aimed at students with high academic achievement, those in financial need, business students, dependents of deceased or disabled veterans, minority students, and more.

When you have completed your online education, finding a job in Florida will likely become your next priority. The job market in Florida looks good for computer software engineers, database administrators, dental hygienists, medical assistants, computer systems administrators, paralegals and legal assistants, physical therapist assistants, and registered nurses. The average salary for these professions is between $27,000 to over $75,000 a year. Typically, employees without Bachelor’s degrees earn about $20,000 a year less than those with Bachelor’s degrees.