Top Online Colleges in Connecticut

Study online and get a quality education in Connecticut. With degree programs ranging from associate to Master’s degrees, you will find a program tailored to your needs. Before enrolling in a program, make sure your degree will be worth the effort you put forth by checking to see if it is a part of the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium (CTDLC). This organization not only provides a listing of the accredited degree programs offered in Connecticut, it also provides courses available, faculty, types of degree programs, studying tips, job and career help, and financial aid information.

If you will be relying on financial aid to help finance your online education, then you may be qualified to apply as a Demonstration student. These students are enrolled in at least 50% of their coursework per semester at an online program that is a part of the CTDLC. Eligibility to apply as a Demonstration student may open up alternate pathways to receiving financial assistance. More general opportunities for financial aid in Connecticut include scholarships and grants for students demonstrating financial need, academic achievement, minority students, senior citizens, and veterans. Student loan opportunities can also be pursued through the Connecticut Student Loan Foundation where students can apply for federal loan programs as well as receive college planning and investment assistance.

After earning your online degree in Connecticut, you will need to look at career options in the state. Some of the fastest growing careers in the state include landscape architect, environmental engineers, architects, construction and building inspectors, art directors, editors, multi-media artists and animators, graphic designers, employment recruitment and placement specialists, public relations specialists, financial analysts, careers in health and medicine, and computer software engineers. These professions all require a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and have average salaries ranging from just over $50,000 to $94,000 a year. Getting an online degree pays in many ways. In careers that are not growing as fast as these, having a Bachelor’s degree still brings in almost $20,000 a year more than employees with only a high school education. Having your degree will also make you more marketable when competing against those who do not have the same education.