Top Online Colleges in California

Finding an online degree program in California is easy with many educational programs from which to choose. Make sure you are looking into a good quality education by checking the California Postsecondary Education Commission College Guide to discover which programs are accredited. Your choices for online degrees in California range from certification programs to graduate degrees. And if becoming a lawyer is your goal, California is the only state in the nation that allows graduates of online law degree programs to sit for the state bar exam.

If you will need help funding you education, then check into the many financial aid opportunities available. The California Student Aid Commission is a great place to start looking for financial aid information. Specifically for California residents, there are three Cal Grants available for students based on need and academic achievement. One grant covers tuition and fees, the second also includes a living allowance in addition to tuition and fees, and the third pays expenses for tuition and training at an occupational or vocational institution. Other grants and scholarships cover foster youth, dependents or spouses of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty, those wishing to teach early childhood education, and high achieving high school seniors. Another great opportunity for financial aid is the Assumption Program of Loans for Education assistance programs. If you plan to become a teacher in a high needs area, earn a graduate degree in nursing, or are planning to enlist or reenlist in the National Guard, you can have any outstanding educational loans paid while you are pursuing your current education.

Once you have completed your online education in California, getting a job will become a priority. The careers in California experiencing the most growth include computer software engineers, civil engineers, management analysts, accountants, elementary and secondary school teachers, nurses, and police officers. The median salaries for these occupations range between $73,500 to $96,500. Jobs not requiring the same amount of education fall to a median annual salary of just over $26,000. Not only will a college degree help you earn a better living, it will also improve your chances of finding a job. Many jobs in California that do not require a college degree will specify that a degree is preferred, meaning that someone with a degree will get priority in hiring.