Top Online Colleges in Alabama

Earning your online degree in Alabama shows promise for your future. The Alabama Commission on Higher Education serves to provide the best possible atmosphere for students to attain higher education in the state through financial aid, assistance with college preparation and career placement, and more. Online offerings range from business to computers and information technology to technological training. You can earn online associate, Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in a number of fields. Once you have succeeded in earning your selected degree, finding employment in Alabama offers security with plenty of potential careers providing both positive growth and good salaries.

If you are considering financial aid to help pay for your online education in Alabama, then consider these options. Student loans available in Alabama include Stafford loans, Graduate PLUS loans, and Parent PLUS loans–all with very low interest rates. There are a number of grants, scholarships, and other financial aid opportunities available for students and their families in Alabama. One especially nice incentive program is the Alabama Teacher Incentive Recruitment Program, which provides 4-year $20,000 scholarships to 100 high school seniors planning to teach in a critical needs area such as math or special education. Another program provides scholarships to minority students seeking to earn their Ph.D.

General areas of job growth in Alabama include construction, energy, healthcare, biotechnology, information technology, hospitality, and transportation. Of the 50 fastest growing jobs in Alabama, almost half of them require some type of education or certification after high school. The salaries for these jobs range on average from about $20,000 to $87,000 a year and include professions such as preschool and elementary school teachers, firefighters, dental hygienists, management analysts, and computer software engineers. With such a wide variety of career possibilities with promising futures, earning your online degree in Alabama is a positive step forward for your future.