Information Technology

What You Will Learn in an Information Technology Degree Program

Information technology (IT) is a complex and challenging field, but it is perfect for those who are curious about computers, data processing, and network security. There are several different aspects of IT that students can explore, such as database administration and computer analysis. These concentrations determine the exact educational paths that the student will take, but early on in every IT degree program, all students take a number of basic courses to familiarize them with the field. These basic courses include computer language, coding, and operations. After these courses have been completed, students will take classes that are tailored to their area of concentration. This means that those concentrating on telecommunications would take classes on business systems and communications technology while those concentrating on database administration would take classes on coding languages and project planning.

What You Can Do With an Information Technology Degree

There are a number of career opportunities open for those with an IT degree. Most businesses today rely heavily on IT systems to run their day-to-day operations, especially when it comes to syncing databases for out-of-state, and sometimes even overseas, branches. This means that those with any IT knowledge and experience will be highly sought after. Even small businesses like to hire those with IT expertise because their skills can help make the business more efficient. For example, with an IT degree, you can work as a computer and information systems manager, database administrator, or network securities manager. Computer and information systems managers implement and maintain the IT systems of a business. Database administrators come up with ways to store, analyze, use, and present data. Network securities managers are responsible for maintaining the database and network’s safety, preventing hacks and information leaks.

Why an Information Technology Degree Is in Demand

To say that information technology (IT) has experienced growth within the past decade would be an understatement. IT has pervaded nearly every aspect of modern life and business. Databases between different branches of the same company must be synced, and some businesses even conduct e-commerce services. With more reliance on IT to make businesses large and small run efficiently, those with an IT degree are finding themselves very popular amongst employers. The IT field is rapidly growing as well to keep up with the advance of technology. Those working in computer networking systems and database administration are expected to see a whopping 30 percent employment growth during the 2008-18 decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As long as technology continues to improve, those with IT degrees will find great success in the job market.