Criminal Justice

What You Will Learn in a Criminal Justice Degree Program

The criminal justice field is a big one, filled with many differing occupations, specialties, and personalities. Though popular culture tends to focus on only certain niches of criminal justice, like law enforcement officers, lawyers, attorneys, and criminal investigators, there are numerous other parts of criminal justice that remain out of the public mass consumption radar. Yet, all of these roles contribute to upholding the U.S. justice system. Students in a criminal justice degree program have varying class requirements, depending on their intended field of study. However, there are a few basic courses that all criminal justice students must take, whether you are majoring in police science or court reporting. These include learning about the courts and criminal justice system, police principals, law enforcement principals, crime prevention, criminal justice organization and administration, and security. After the basic courses are completed, students will take classes that are tailored specifically towards their majors.

What You Can Do With a Criminal Justice Degree

Criminal justice is filled with exciting opportunities for people of nearly all expertise and interests. Those who are interested in actively fighting crime can become police officers or detectives. Those who are interested in standing up for the wrongly accused can work as attorneys or judges. Those who would rather work behind the scenes can find a good career in administration, and management. All of these criminal justice professions, though different in job description, share the same goal: to keep the community a safe place to live and play. In addition to working for a noble cause, students with a criminal justice degree will also find another perk – a continually growing industry. The criminal justice field will continue to flourish as the population increases. For example, the job growth for police officers and detectives is projected to grow ten percent during the 2008-18 decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Why a Criminal Justice Degree Is in Demand

Unlike some industries that are falling behind as technology hurtles forward, criminal justice has remained unharmed by cultural shifts. Many occupations in criminal justice are still seeing a continual growth, allowing for more new graduates to join the field. This is because a healthy criminal justice system will always be needed in order to keep communities safe for its inhabitants and visitors. There will always be a need for court room workers, law enforcement agents, and administrative professionals. This is especially true as the population surges, pushing sprawling cities out even more, which inevitably also increases the likelihood of criminal activity. Students come in droves to major in criminal justice because these students desire to benefit their communities while also working in an intense and rewarding field.