Business Administration

What You Will Learn in a Business Administration Degree Program

Business administration degree programs are designed to equip students with the skills and education necessary to effectively manage today’s businesses and corporations. Students can usually choose to specialize in a variety of areas, such as accounting, finance, human resource management, marketing and entrepreneurship, depending on their interest. They take courses in operations and project management, economics, sales strategies, strategic planning, business information systems, communications and statistics. The degree program also emphasizes business and professional ethics, vital in today’s business world where corruption often runs rampant. Technology is also a major component of any good business administration degree program, as most modern businesses require new hires to be comfortable using well-known business software, such as QuickBooks or Peachtree.

What You Can Do with a Business Administration Degree

Business administration is such a broad major that you may find yourself qualified for any number of fascinating and lucrative careers after graduation, especially if you take advantage of internship opportunities in college. Business administration graduates have gone on to become successful CEOs, CFOs, managers, supervisors, department directors, administrators, bankers, accountants and human resource managers. Others use the skills they gained in college to become entrepreneurs, starting their own businesses to provide innovative goods and services to the public. Those students who pursue their business administration education at the graduate level may qualify for positions as college educators. Experienced businesspersons may go on to become consultants for other business clients, teaching them effective management principles meant to improve client employee performance and boost a client’s sales.

Why a Business Administration Degree Is in Demand

Business administration degrees are in demand partially because they are so versatile, allowing students who have not made up their mind on a future career the latitude to apply for a broad variety of jobs after school. It is also a good degree fit both for creative, entrepreneurial types and for analytical, numbers-oriented types. The degree also equips students with key leadership skills vital to them moving up into top-level executive positions. However, the main reason business administration is such a popular major is because entry-level salaries for those with business administration and management degrees are typically higher than most other degrees. CNN and online job site pointed out in a 2008 article that the average starting salary for business administration graduates was $57,132.