Best Online MBA Degree Programs

Getting an MBA can be an important step towards furthering your career. With a Master of Business Administration degree you will gain the professional knowledge of business administration and management that many companies want in their top level administrative positions. Many people elect to study for an MBA online due to the ease of access compared to traditional MBA programs as well as the excellent reputation many online MBA programs have attained. Another benefit to earning your MBA online is the time for completion of the degree can sometimes be shortened–a huge benefit for those juggling a career and family.

An online MBA program is typically about 36 semester credit hours and can be completed in the usual two years or you may have the option for an accelerated program which can be completed in one year. You can expect to study classes such as finance, business law, ethics, economics, accounting, and statistics. You can often select an area of concentration where you can choose to focus on a particular area such as international business, marketing, or financial analysis. Upon completing your MBA, you will have sharpened your leadership, critical thinking, and problem solving skills as well as learned valuable techniques for successfully guiding and managing employees.

By receiving an MBA online, you can raise your earning potential considerably. Some estimates suggest your salary can go up by $10,000 to $30,000 with an MBA. You need to consider the cost of an MBA when factoring in salary increases. Some programs range from $10,000 to $50,000. If your salary increase is substantial, you will offset the expenses of your education more quickly. Job prospects for most careers you could undertake with an MBA are good, but competition for the best positions is fierce. Examples of careers with an MBA include financial manager, accountant, analyst, marketing or sales manager, public relations manager, and CEO. Salaries for those in the world of business are usually at the higher end of the pay scale, with top level executives commanding some of the highest salaries in any field.