Tips for Online Students Fighting Writer’s Block

It’s happened to everyone, and to some more often than not. Writer’s block is an occurrence that pretty much blocks your thoughts and creativity and sort of puts you at a dead end for creating new ideas and thoughts and can obstruct your ability to work. Writers block can not only be extremely annoying, but it can also slow down your productivity and may essentially cause your grades to suffer if it prohibits you from completing your work and assignments in a timely manner. Writer’s block is fairly common and if you don’t let it frustrate you or get to you too much, there can be some easy solutions to fighting off writer’s block and getting back to work.

Writer’s block may be a way for your brain to tell you that it’s time to take a break. Not being able to focus and come up with fresh and new ideas may mean it’s time to come back to work and writing later and to take your mind off of work for a bit. Depending on the amount of time you have, take a break to get your mind off of work, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. Taking a break to eat, take a short walk, exercise, or take a nap are all good ways to alleviate some of the frustration you experience when writer’s block creeps up on you. Be sure not to completely blow off what you need to get done because you get too comfortable on your break, just take enough of a time out to get your mind off work and rejuvenate your thoughts and then get back to work.

Your comfort level also might have a huge impact on your ability to think and form new ideas. Being in the same place and position for long periods of time may just make you uncomfortable and have an impact on the way you think. Try switching up the room you are working in or even the way you are sitting. Be sure that a television, radio, or other person isn’t distracting you because that can also be a common annoyance and cause for writer’s block. If you feel like you can’t get anymore work done where you are, try switching up where you are working and give going outside, to a local park, or a coffee shop a try to see if that helps.

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