Tips for Adjusting to Distance Learning Settings

For some students that take online courses or are enrolled in distance learning programs,the style of learning can be a bit different and the transition isn’t always exactly easy. Students that are used to going to class everyday and interacting with classmates and professors, may have a problem at first with becoming disciplined, developing and maintaing time management skills, and understanding that online courses require students to be focused and dedicate time to completing work, reading and studying, and preparing for exams. And while adjusting to taking online courses may not be easy for some students, there are things to keep in mind to help with the process and make it an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Adjusting to taking courses online will take a lot of discipline. You don’t have traditional class lectures where you have other students and professors reminding you about exams, projects, and assignment due dates. You will need to discipline yourself to keep note of when deadlines are assigned. Because you don’t actually have to attend a class or lecture physically, it may be easy to blow off school for a couple of days, but even that can severely impact your grades. While all distance learning environments are different, students will still need to read, study, complete assignments, and take exams, so it is important to keep that in mind.

Like most college students, you will probably need to learn to balance school work with other extracurricular activities, family, jobs, and other time commitments. This can be done as long as you make a schedule and be sure to allot time for studying and school work. Determine what days and times are best for you to be able to dedicate to school and make a schedule that allows you to give proper time to the everyday activities associated with your life and your lifestyle. When you make a schedule, try as hard as you can to follow it and feel free to modify it if it really is not working with your other commitments.

Setting goals for yourself is a good way to adjust to distance learning and taking your courses online. Once you know what classes you are taking and what is expected of you throughout the semester, set goals for yourself to ensure that your are transitioning in a positive manner and so that you know you are learning everything you need to in order to succeed in your classes. Setting goals is a good way to ensure that you are not only getting your work done, but it can reassure you that you are keeping up with the things that you wish to achieve.

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