Tackling the Beast That Is a Research Paper

When you are assigned a length research paper, you can immediately feel overwhelmed. As soon as the due date is posted on the wall your mind can go through the wringer stressing on how you will find the time to put in the necessary work to achieve the grade you desire. However, if you are able to stop at this moment and take a deep breath and climb this mountain one step at a time, you will find that this assignment can be almost enjoyable. First you need to fully understand what is being asked of you. By knowing all of the different parts you can easily divide up your project in chunks, tackling one small battle at a time, as oppose to taking on a big war by yourself. You just need to go into the process with a calm mindset. Read everything your professor has presented to you. Make sure you understand everything and fully get what is being asked of you, and then if there are any holes that need to fill in raise your hand in class or visit your professor during his or her office hours. Sometimes the questions you may have are the same for other students.

When have finally settled in to your comfortable and cozy library chair and have the laptop open, fully charged and ready for your fingers to punish its keyboard, now is the time when you have to let all of the thoughts that going around in your head like a cyclone rollercoaster, go. You need to not worry, and be intimated by the blank page that is starting right back you. Let your first draft come from your heart and then you can go back revise again with your brain. If this is not possible without your favorite songs on your iPod playing, then plug in those headphones and turn the library into a concert hall. You want to find the best situation you can that will give you the opportunity to not let your mind drift off into thinking about how long of road you have ahead of you. Be precise in your statements, and ensure that all of your sources are reliable. You are not in a race, so there is no need to take a shortcut. As long as you begin your paper early on in the game, you should have ample time to complete your assignment. Just like many things in life, sometimes it is the mental battle that can be the toughest part of any task.

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