Pen and Paper

Picture yourself outside on lovely spring afternoon. Or maybe fall is more your season. No matter what time of year you may be imagining, the premise of you outside in a comfortable chair is the main focal point. You are breathing in fresh air, and numerous ideas are coming to you. Right about now you are just itching to write – you can’t wait to put your ideas down on a tablet to later save for future use. However your computer may not have enough battery to last the whole time you are outside being one with nature. Have no fear, because there is an alternative that you may not have even considered – and no, not a typewriter. Something so simple and pure can serve as your writing tool – a pen. Carrying around a pen and notepad is not going to break your back or offer you any discomfort. Instead, you are able to bend it, fold it, and not worry about nicking it on a bench and damaging your learning tool. You have the freedom of turning it on or off with in a second. There is no power cord to carry around, no screen that you cannot read because of the glare of the sun, or any worry about the occasional rain drop landing on your masterpiece.

A note pad can go anywhere with you. It gives you complete control over how big you want each letter you write, whether you want to write on the lines or completely diagonal. The benefit of a notepad is that you are able to not be distracted by the worry of having proper grammar or any red squiggly lines under misspelt words. Everything you write down is notes or a rough draft. You are throwing out pieces that you will later use to construct a puzzle. With a pen and a notepad, you can create room to add any fun images you wish to draw. If that was a computer in your hands you would be combining two applications – word and Photoshop. Unlike a blank computer screen, an empty sheet of paper can almost encourage you to fill it with every idea you have in your brain because you view a notepad as a blank canvas, where and white computer screen can look like a demon staring at you hoping you fail. A note pad is more intimate and personal. Everyone can have the same model computer, but no one has your notepad you got in Kansas city last time you were visiting an old friend.

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