Online College Degrees for Those Interested in Education

As education continues to be a necessity, particularly for young children and adolescents, the need for trained and skilled educators will be on the rise. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of teachers in general is expected to grow by 13% over the next several years. There are plenty of degree program levels for those students interested in working in the education field including associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s level degree programs, with some schools also offering doctoral degrees in education.

Early childhood education degree programs are geared towards providing students with the skills they will need to work with young children, generally up to age 5. Development is important in young children and it is extremely important for children to be able to socialize, develop relationships, and develop the ability to learn in the early years of life. Students in early childhood degree programs are taught the knowledge they will need to teach young students the necessities that will help them to shape and influence their own lives. Early childhood education degree programs focus on the fundamentals of early childhood, growth, development and health of young children, psychology of young children, teaching strategies, and help students understand the learning patterns of young children. Graduates of early childhood degrees can work with young children at schools, daycares, or with organizations that work with young children.

Education degrees are also offered at secondary education levels for those students that wish to earn their degrees and teach students that are older than early childhood. Some of the courses included in secondary education degree programs include foundations of education, development and psychology in adolescents, strategies and methods in teaching, and student teaching. Earning a secondary education degree is also commonly done to teach a specific subject such as English or math. Essentially, after certification, secondary education degrees allows graduates to teach students to teach at the middle school and high schools levels. Those with secondary education degrees can qualify for jobs in teaching, tutoring, and other jobs within education.

Some schools will differ in the way that they offer their education degree programs. Some schools offer education degrees that are specialized with specific concentrations including those in sciences or math. Students that earn a degree in education and intend on teaching must also become certified by the state in which they wish to teach in order to be qualified, with specific requirements varying between states. Either way, most individuals that have earned education degrees and certifications will qualify to teach at most levels and subjects within most schools.

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