Online College Degrees for the Tech Savvy Student

With technology constantly changing and evolving, there is always a constant need for skilled individuals with up to date training in the field. And for those students interested in information technology, computers, and technology, there are plenty of degree programs to pursue that will qualify students with the knowledge and skills they will need to land their dream IT jobs. Information technology degrees are offered at various degree levels and many schools offer these degrees commonly at the associate’s bachelor’s, and master’s degree level. Information technology degrees generally prepare students for careers within the technology field, but there are specialized and specific degree programs for different types which may include (but are not limited to): Network Administration, Information Systems, and Network Technology.

Network Administration degree programs are offered at a number of online colleges and universities and are commonly taken to prepare students for a career as a network server administrator. Network Administration deals with networks and computer systems and allowing information to be connected and shared through these systems. While specific requirements will vary between schools, students in network administration degrees generally study important concepts in the field such as IT fundamentals, technical writing, web development, systems administration and management, and network server administration. Network administration degrees also prepare students for external certifications related to network administration.

Information systems degrees are also offered at a number of online colleges and universities and common job opportunities for information systems graduates include (but are not limited to): database analyst, database administrator, and system administrator. Information systems degree programs courses teach students how to manage information in databases, improve the way that businesses and organizations systems operate, and how to examine business and information to determine needs, designate systems, and monitor the performance and effectiveness of those systems. Information systems degrees also prepare students to expand their professional skills in the field and develop professional information system skills.

Network Technology degrees, offered at many online colleges and universities online, prepare students for jobs in the IT industry, commonly technical specialist positions including those involved with (but not limited to): the design, implementation, and maintenance of network systems. Network technology degree programs provide students with the knowledge they will need to create, design, maintain and fix Internet connections and networks. Students will learn about wireless technologies, setup, server configurations, and security. The designated courses in network technology degree programs also prepare students to succeed in certification exams that will qualify them for careers in the information technology field.

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