15 College-Budget Beers That Aren’t Bad

Surely you’ve heard that life’s too short to drink cheap beer. But what if cheap beer could be good beer? It’s possible. Read on to find out how you can drink great beer, even of the micro and craft brew persuasion, without blowing your college student budget.

  1. Homebrew: Although you’ll have to put plenty of work into it, you can get about 5 gallons of beer for less than $100. And that’s just your first batch-subsequent batches should run about $25-$40 each or even less, leaving you with custom made beer on the cheap and readily available at your home.
  2. Local beer: That brewery across town isn’t just a great place to go taste beer on a tour, it’s a source of cheap beer. Reduced shipping costs and cheaper marketing makes your local brewery one of the cheapest drinks around.
  3. Full Sail Session: While many six packs are going for $7 and up, Full Sail’s Session sells twelve for about $11. It comes in attractive bottles, and is a barley malt lager with a craft beer stamp of approval.
  4. Sam Adams: Sam Adams is the largest craft brewery in the US, and as such, can put out lots of pretty good beer for cheaper than the little guys. Enjoy their lager or pick up a seasonal offering on sale.
  5. Steel Reserve: Although certainly among the most iffy on this list, Steel Reserve is a cheap beer with merit. Coming in at 8 percent and full of strong lager flavor, this beer has a lot to offer for a little.
  6. Fat Tire: New Belgium puts out some great beers, and often those beers have a price to match. But Fat Tire is a hit with cheap college students and can often be found on sale.
  7. Abita Turbodog: Brewed in Louisiana, Abita’s Turbodog is an English brown ale that’s readily available for not a whole lot of money.
  8. Simpler Times: Made for Trader Joe’s, Simpler Times sells at a smokin’ price of about $3 for a six pack. It’s brewed by Minhas Craft Brewery, and has earned a passable rating on Beer Advocate.
  9. Shiner Bock: Shiner products, particularly Shiner Bock, can often be found for about the same price as Miller or Budweiser. But this beer offers a small town brewery taste that outshines the big guys.
  10. Budweiser American Ale: Although craft beer lovers may shudder at the thought, Budweiser American Ale offers a craft-like quality from a big brewery. And at under $7 a six pack, it’s worth giving it a go.
  11. Genessee: This cream ale is decent and makes for a good summer beer. Although there’s no hiding its cheap ingredients, Genesee has a smooth taste and nice head.
  12. Sierra Nevada: One of the biggest breweries in the craft business, Sierra Nevada offers good beer in a large volume. Their beers can often be found on sale at discounted prices all over the US, but you’re most likely to find a great deal in California.
  13. Yuengling Lager: As America’s oldest brewery, Yuengling represents a part of brewing history. Although it’s not available everywhere, those lucky enough to live within its reach love both the flavor and price of Yuengling.
  14. Bud Light Lime: Bud Light Lime is perfectly made for an outdoor party, BBQ, or day at the beach. Although it’s still Bud Light, its lime flavor takes over to help you forget.
  15. Blue Moon: Believed by many uninformed beer drinkers to be a craft brew, Blue Moon is in fact made by Coors. Nonetheless, this big brewery beer serves up a pretty nice flavor and aroma for a good price and easy availability.

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