Online Colleges and Universities Continue their Exponential Growth

By Olivia Coleman

Online education has only begun its foray into the educational field as new online courses are being offered every semester and new colleges open their theoretical doors every year as they attract online students.  Online colleges and universities have paved the way for a large technological shift in which we are no longer confined to the traditional classroom education, but now have choices of how we learn. 

The growth that has occurred as the result of the new popularity in online education is largely due to the easy accessibility which online colleges offer to their students, as well as the enticing possibility of earning a college degree from home.  We have long passed the days of the commercials that offered associate’s degrees from home through certain programs and have entered the days in which students can now earn anything from associates to doctoral degrees through online classes.  Previous programs could not offer higher degrees because they did not have the resources to allow students the flexibility to communicate with their professors through email. 

More than a technological feat, online education has been an educational miracle for many online college students who otherwise would not have received a degree in their lives.  The lower cost of online education coupled with the flexible class schedule have allowed many students to experience a higher level of education and improve their future career search.  Additionally, online colleges have now expanded their programs and now offer degree programs in nearly every type of imaginable field.  They offer the course offerings of a major public university for the price of a community college, all from the comfort of your home.

While online colleges and universities had a shaky start in the beginning of the new century, they have now received praise around the nation as a tool which promotes a further education.  There are still problems here and there with accreditation and “diploma mill” institutions, but thoroughly researching the school before signing up will protect you against any unwanted issues.  Online education has reached even higher goals in the past year and has attracted students from around the world to online classes, sure to boost education rates in the international sector.  The industry is continuing to grow, sure to reach great heights from its modest beginnings only a decade ago.

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