Are Online Education Degrees Necessary for Preschool?

Preschool teachers are in a type of limbo in the education field in the sense that many schools do not require their teachers to have an education degree, but other schools have found it increasingly necessary to hire teachers who have the education background.  With children in the preschool age, it is almost unnecessary to have an extensive educational background requirement for teachers, but many schools require a teacher who can stimulate students at an early age to better prepare them for beginning kindergarten.  However, the “warm, compassionate” spirit that many preschool teachers share cannot easily be learned in the classroom, making it a topic up for hot debate within many education majors.

The birth of online education has made earning a degree that much easier, as potential education degree-holders can earn their degrees online, with much less of a hassle than traditional college campuses.  As a result of this type of easy accessibility, more preschools have found it necessary to require a degree from their teachers and parents have flocked to these schools as well.  However, more questions have developed over the years as to how much education preschool teachers should hold: associates degree or bachelors degree?  And even more vexing is the knowledge that these careers are typically low-paying, meaning that most preschool teachers will not see a good turn around for the amount of time they put into the education. 

It has therefore become more pertinent of a question to ask whether preschool teachers should continue on course for an education degree, especially considering the advances in online education, or whether they should maintain their current status as knowledgeable in dealing with early education.  The traditional mindset of preschool teachers has changed, however, and many state schools now require a higher education and offer competitive salaries compared to the earlier salaries which were comparable to parking attendants.  There is now a greater need for education early education teachers who can help set the course for children early on, and online education degrees seem perfect for this type of advancement. 

This is still a major problem that plagues the early education community: while studies have shown teachers with colleges degrees can provide the best source of education for children, other teachers with no education background have provided the best care for students.  It is all a matter of what you want as a parent.  While this question will not be one which will be easily answerable in the coming years, preschool teachers have a new outlet in the internet to look forward to if they are required to earn an education degree in the coming years. 


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