100 Best Bookmarklets for Writers, Researchers, and Students

If you’re in the academic world or need to manage loads of research for your ongoing projects, you probably depend on the Internet to keep it all straight and connect you to libraries and information you wouldn’t otherwise be able to find. But what if there was a way to get it all done even faster? These bookmarklets can help.

Social Media and Blogging

Post, tag, update your Twitter account, and share sites faster with these bookmarklets.

  1. Share on Facebook: This bookmarklet makes it easy to share links, stories, photos and more with your network.
  2. Vodpod Post to WordPress: Post videos to your WordPress blog using this system.
  3. Tag Editor: This Firefox extension will help you come up with tags for your blog.
  4. StumbleUpon: Add the Stumble thumbs to your toolbar for easy stumbling.
  5. + add: Add web pages to Stumble, Twitter, Digg or other social sites.
  6. Twit This: Twit This sends web pages to Twitter.
  7. Flickr- upload photos on a webpage: Here you can quickly upload Flickr photos.
  8. Oddiophile’s Rather Fab Technorati Tags Bookmarklet: Generate tags for Technorati blogs.
  9. Technorati and Del.icio.us bookmarklet: Manage both sites here.
  10. TweetBurner: Share URLs on Twitter and FriendFeed.


Navigate Google with more mastery when you use these tools.

  1. Subscribe: Click on this button to subscribe to a blog via Google Reader.
  2. + gmail: Gmail users can quickly open up a new message to compose with this tool.
  3. Gmail to Gcal: Convert Gmail text into an event.
  4. New Doc: Open up a new Google Document.
  5. Bookmarks: Easily bookmark pages to your Google account with this bookmarklet.
  6. Google Cache: View the Google cache for your current web page.
  7. Definition: Look up definitions with Google using this one-click tool.
  8. Google Groups: Search Google Groups here.
  9. Send text by SMS: U.S. texts can be sent with this bookmarklet.
  10. Google Images Search: Click this bookmarklet to search Google Images.

Calculators and Conversions

For calculations and conversions, use these bookmarklets for fast math.

  1. Firefox calculator: Firefox users can do basic calculations with this tool.
  2. Days left this year: Instantly find out how many days are left in the year.
  3. Average: Calculate the average of a sequence of numbers.
  4. Salary calculator: This nifty tool calculates a salary based on wage per hour and number of hours worked.
  5. Temperature: Convert Farenheit to Celsius or vice versa.
  6. Weight: Convert U.S. measurements to metric.
  7. Scientific calculator: Instantly gain access to a scientific calculator here.

Bookmarking and Saving

Manage all of your school work, saved sites, favorite research spots and bookmarks online here.

  1. del.icio.us linkbacks: Find out a page’s del.icio.us history and del.icio.us reviews.
  2. + later: Save a web page for later using this tool.
  3. Password Saver: This bookmarklet makes your browser remember login information for different sites.
  4. Convert Me: Here you can convert YouTube videos to other formats. Uses Zamzar.
  5. Send Selected Text: Internet Explorer users can select text from a web page, click on this bookmarklet, and a new Outlook Express message body will open.
  6. Take Screenshot: Capture a screenshot of any web page with one click.
  7. Furl: Access Furl faster.
  8. Duplicate Page: Create a copy of your current page as an alternative to saving it.
  9. Bzzster: Share and save pages with Bzzster.
  10. Shareaholic: Share your current web page on Digg, del.icio.us, FriendFeed, Google Bookmarks, Google Reader, Magnolia, Twitter, and more.

Productivity and Short Cuts

These short cuts will help you keep all of your work and school research organized as you finish your degree program without slowing you down.

  1. Search and highlight: This tool scans your current page for the words and phrases you enter.
  2. Open URL: Open text-only links.
  3. Count selected words: Counts the words in a selected text.
  4. Go to Selected URL: Go to a selected URL without having to copy/paste it.
  5. Previous Page in New Window: Head back to the previous page you visited without losing your current page.
  6. Bugmenot: Bypass registration forms with Bugmenot.

People and Communication

Find people and communicate with your references and collaborators with these bookmarklets. 

  1. Append Signature: Add your signature to the end of blog posts using this bookmarklet from Stephen Ostermiller.
  2. Find Phone Numbers: This bookmarklet looks up all the U.S. phone numbers on a web page.
  3. Send Location: Send a web page’s location to someone without having to send the entire page.
  4. Mail To: Mail a web page to your friends with this tool.
  5. Create URL from Text: Create an HTML link from a plain-text URL.
  6. Search Biography: Look up a biography here.
  7. Search Discussion Groups: Using DejaNews, this bookmarklet searches discussion groups.
  8. Find somebody’s home page: Find a person’s home page with this Google search.
  9. Personal Note: Leave notes for yourself and research partners on a page with this bookmarklet until you exit the browser.
  10. Confidence Booster: This fun tool showers you with compliments when you’re feeling low.


Use these bookmarklets for a faster, more streamlined search. 

  1. Amazon This: Search Amazon by clicking on this bookmarklet and then entering your title or keyword search.
  2. Google Site Search: Search your current web page using Google’s search power.
  3. Web Archive Search: Find a website using the Wayback Machine here.
  4. Ebay search: Search ebay here.
  5. Wikipedia Search: Search Wikipedia quickly with this tool.
  6. Search IMdB: Search IMdB for actors, titles and more.
  7. Google News Search: This bookmarklet for Safari searches Google News.
  8. Google Blog Search: Conduct a Google blog search faster.
  9. Song Lyrics: Look up song lyrics and music here.
  10. Search the King James Bible: Look up people, keywords and more in the King James Bible.
  11. Search the Quran: Search the Quran with this bookmarklet.
  12. Search American literature: English majors can find quotes, characters, references and more in American literature.
  13. Search Dogpile: With one click, search Dogpile.
  14. Search MetaCrawler: Search MetaCrawler even faster with this tool.
  15. Search CNN News: Look up news stories on CNN.
  16. Search Your Health Daily: Perform a faster search on Your Health Daily.
  17. Yahoo Picture Search: Find photos from Yahoo here.


Customize your web experience to make researching even more enjoyable and organized.

  1. TinyURL: Shorten URLs for Twitter and other uses with this tool.
  2. Mobilize Me: Mobile users can reformat web pages using this tool.
  3. Display Images: View all the images on a web page in a centered column.
  4. Center window: Keep all your windows at the center of your screen.
  5. Hide all images: Hide images on a web page.
  6. Resize window: Here you can resize a window to an exact width and height.
  7. Zoom: These bookmarklets let you zoom pages and/or images in and out.
  8. View cookies: View a page’s cookies here.
  9. Resize fonts: Change the size of a page’s fonts.
  10. Google Toolbar: This toolbar lets you search Google from any page you’re visiting, find out what pages are related, and more.


Look up words, translations, locations and more when you use these bookmarklets. 

  1. Google Translate: Drag a browser button for languages like Polish, Swedish, Korean or Arabic into your toolbar.
  2. Urban Dictionary lookup: Look up words in the urban dictionary when you’re online.
  3. Acronym lookup: Look up confusing acronyms with this tool.
  4. Map This: Just enter an address and get taken to the map.
  5. Movie Times: Look up movie times in your area with this easy tool.
  6. Wikipedia: Instantly get directed to a Wikipedia entry about your query using this bookmarklet.
  7. OneLook Search: Look up definitions with OneLook here.
  8. Oxford English dictionary: Look up words in the Oxford English dictionary.
  9. Alexa site profile: Get information about a web page’s traffic.
  10. Merriam-Webster Thesaurus: Get synonyms here.
  11. Dictionary.com Lookup: Look up words at Dictionary.com.
  12. NASDAQ stock quotes: Look up stock quotes on the NASDAQ here.
  13. MapBlast: Look up non-U.S. cities using MapBlast.


This collection of bookmarklets can help you find recipes, keep track of your passwords and more.

  1. View passwords: See what you’re typing into a password box instead of ****.
  2. Find a Recipe: Look for a specific recipe here.
  3. Page freshness: Verify when a page was last updated.
  4. Date and Time: Quickly check the date and time.
  5. Backdrop: This tool blacks out the windows you aren’t looking at.
  6. IP Address: This bookmarklet will tell you your current IP address.

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