100 Awesome iTunes Feeds for Technology Junkies

By Hannah Watson

If you’re a tech junkie who’s constantly tinkering around with web design, digital photography, Ruby on Rails or the latest gadgets, it may be hard for you to take a time-out and pay attention to other important tasks, like getting a job or even grocery shopping. But thanks to these iTunes feeds, you don’t have to compromise any longer. Take your tutorials, videos webisodes and radio shows with you so that you never have to give up tinkering.

Tips and Tutorials

Learn how to do everything from Adobe Photoshop to iPhone hacking to audio home recording.

  1. Systm: Subscribe to this feed to learn about geek DIY projects.
  2. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips: Watch videos sharing tips for using Adobe Photoshop.
  3. The Russell Brown Show: The Russell Brown Show brings you tips and tutorials for Adobe Photoshop.
  4. iPhone Alley: Get tips and hacks for the iPhone from this feed.
  5. Podnutz: Here you can get tips for fixing your computer.
  6. Inside Home Recording: This feed shares tips for studio engineers and musicians who need help with at-home recording.
  7. MAKE: MAKE Magazine supports this feed for ADD techies. Learn how to take apart and recreate all kinds of gadgets.
  8. Pixel Perfect: Learn how to create beautiful digital images with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  9. The Mac Attack: Mac users will benefit from the advice tips, troubleshooting and other guides from this feed.
  10. Learn Excel from MrExcel Video: Bill Jelen shares daily tips for mastering Excel.
  11. TechStuff: This feed answers questions about all things technology, including RSS feeds, cloud gaming, and more.
  12. Adobe Creative Suite: Learn how to use Adobe Creative Suite by following this feed.
  13. Tekzilla: Tekzilla explains how to use and hack your favorite gadgets, and introduces you to new tools.
  14. Mac Tips Daily!: ThinkMac.net brings all kinds of tips, reviews and guides for using Mac OS X.
  15. Maximum PC No BS: PC users will learn how to use the new tools and trends for their computers.
  16. Apple Quick Tips: This feed features shortcuts and tips for making the most of Apple products and software.
  17. Typical Mac User: Everyday Mac users get tips and reviews in this feed.
  18. Security Now: Get ideas for bolstering your home computer security system here.
  19. The Chris Pirillo Show: Chris Pirillo dispenses advice for web workers and the tech community.
  20. Technology Extras in the Classroom: Learn how to watch out for and address plagiarism and other ethical issues.
  21. Essentials of Info Security: This series will teach you valuable skills and principles in information security and technology security.
  22. Two Minute Tech Tips: This series includes tips for PDF files, image compression and language settings.

Tech News

Keep up with the latest in technology news from these feeds.

  1. CNET News Daily: Get all the tech news of the day from this feed.
  2. GeekSpeak: This show tackles computing, digital video and audio editing, Adobe, hackers, Blu-Ray, and more.
  3. Tech News: Make It Work’s Tech News discusses everything from Internet safety to home theater technology to troubleshooting.
  4. Today in iPhone: Learn about what’s new with the iPhone here.
  5. NYT Tech Talk: Join the New York Times‘ discussion on tech news and Internet trends.
  6. PaulDotCom Security Weekly: Learn about the latest in IT security.
  7. Wall Street Journal Tech News Briefing: Keep up with the WSJ tech discussion here.
  8. NPR Technology: Learn about the technology news, culture and research projects that NPR’s tech team discusses.
  9. Buzz Out Loud: These commentators go over the latest tech news stories.

Web Workers

Web workers will find gossip, trends, tutorials and news from these feeds.

  1. Boagworld Web Design Advice: Professional web designers and developers, as well as website managers, will get news and more from this feed.
  2. The Real Deal: Find out how Twitter, mobile sites and more really work.
  3. The App Podcast: The App Podcast reviews iPhone apps and developers.
  4. Railscasts: Ruby on Rails workers can find tips and advice here.
  5. Web 2.0 and You: A Leadership Perspective: Learn how web tools and Web 2.0 is important in the business world.
  6. What in the World is Moodle?: Find out how Moodle is used in education.
  7. Nine Lessons Learned About Creativity at Google: Get inspired by the innovators at Google through this talk.
  8. Social Networking 3.0: Find out what’s next for social networking sites and trends.
  9. The Technology of Podcasting: Learn more about podcasting here.
  10. Intermediate Web Page Programming: Learn about the "back end" of web development here.

Research and Design

Learn about technology engineering, special research projects and more through these feeds.

  1. FLOSS Weekly: Open source geeks will learn about news and projects here.
  2. Mythbusters: This Discovery Channel feed debunks technology and science myths through old fashioned science projects.
  3. Architectural Design: Types of Design Techniques: Learn about software engineering techniques for embedded systems here. The lecture is in German, but slides are in English.
  4. Phases of a Startup: If you’re thinking about creating your own technology company, listen to this lecture.
  5. The Next Wave of Industry: Global Clean Tech: Find out how technology is going green.
  6. Confessions of a Serial Silicon Valley CEO: Discover what it’s like to be on the cutting edge of technology design and innovation.
  7. iPhone Application Programming: Learn how to develop iPhone apps.
  8. Designing Interactive Systems: Master human-computer interaction and interactive design here.
  9. Introduction to Programming in C#: This introductory-level series of C# programming covers alternation, repetition, and more.
  10. Computer Service and Repair: Learn skills in troubleshooting, maintenance, computer installation and more.
  11. Innovation and Science: This series covers trends and the importance of innovation in science and technology, including open source.
  12. Current Topics in Media Computing and HCI: Topics covered here include matrices, quantification, multitouch surfaces and more.
  13. Survey of 3D Animation: Get an introduction to 3D animation, Maya, character animation and imaging.


This list of iTunes feeds are a must-follow for digital photography masters.

  1. TWiP: This Week in Photography covers trends, products and photographer profiles.
  2. Digital Photography Tips: This feed brings you "non-techy tips" that are easy to follow.
  3. Lightroom for Digital Photographers: In Lightroom for Digital Photographers, photo geeks learn how to use the processing and developing program.
  4. Photoshop for Digital Photographers: Digital photographers will learn how to hack Photoshop through this feed.


Gadget geeks can learn about the newest releases, read reviews on gadgets hitting the market, and more.

  1. gdgt.com: Gizmodo and Engadget founders Peter Rojas and Ryan Block host this show to discuss the newest gadget trends.
  2. Gadgettes: CNET’s feed featuring Kelly and Molly shares tips and advice for shopping for the best gadgets.
  3. Engadget: Get reviews and news for all types of gadgets, including laptops, cell phones and other tools.
  4. Gadget Pr0n: Gadget Pr0n reviews products from LG, Sharp, Garmin, Dell, Apple and more.
  5. PCMag Radio: This show reviews technology trends and choice products.
  6. GeekBrief.TV: This show from Cali Lewis highlights new gadgets and technology trends.
  7. Daily GizWiz: This show highlights a new gadget every day.
  8. Cool Tools: This DIY Network show has its own iTunes feed, too.
  9. Howcast Tech and Gadgets: This feed covers everything from using Twitter to selling on eBay to fixing laptops.
  10. Gadgets 3: This feed explores novelty gadgets and the tools that have staying power.


Find out about the latest trends to break into the market through these feeds.

  1. Future Trends: American Public Media’s feed discusses "the social impact of computers."
  2. TWiT: This Week in Tech is an award-winning feed that keeps you up to date on the latest trends in tech.
  3. Cranky Geeks: PC Magazine contributing editor John C. Dvorak leads the discussion about "the most controversial topics in tech."
  4. Slashdot Review: Slashdot reviews the tech news stories and trends of the day.
  5. Buzz Report: Subscribe to this CNET feed to learn about the products that are getting the most buzz.
  6. DiggNation: Talk about web culture and the stories that dominate Digg.
  7. [email protected]: Amber MacArthur’s feed discusses only the coolest, most news-worthy trends in the online world.
  8. Trends and Concepts in the Software Industry: Discover how software trends impact the business world, and vice versa.
  9. The Future of the Internet: This series is from 2008, but it still poses intriguing questions and hypotheses about ownership, the global network, and more.
  10. Loaded: Loaded covers new technology trends and rumors.


Apple geeks can catch up on Mac news and hacks here.

  1. For Mac Eyes Only: Learn about the newest projects and releases from Mac.
  2. MacBreak: These episodes, hosted by Leo Laporte and Alex Lindsay discuss all things Mac, from apps to hardware.
  3. The Apple Byte: This feed debunks Apple myths and gossip while bringing you news and projects from Apple.
  4. Late Night Cocoa: Cocoa developers get tips and news here.
  5. The Mac Cast: This show is just for Mac geeks who want to learn about Mac gossip, releases and more.

Miscellaneous Computers

Find feeds about cybercrime, Windows Vista and more right here.

  1. CyberSpeak’s Podcast: Learn about cybercrime from two former federal agents.
  2. ComputerTV Product Videos and Reviews: Get reviews and discussions about computer gadgets here.
  3. Windows Weekly: Windows users can subscribe to this feed to learn about new tools and projects.
  4. Hak5: Through this atypical feed, you’ll learn about open source, DIY projects, network security and more.
  5. Leo Laporte – The Tech Guy: Leo Laporte explains tech issues and computer stories on this national radio show.

Fun and Extras

This list features even more awesome iTunes feeds for techies, covering digital technology and culture, innovation, and more.

  1. Technorama: This mish mash of sci-fi, tech and science features substantial episodes.
  2. RetroMacCast: Mac geeks will have fun reminiscing about the good old days while watching these episodes.
  3. Engines of Our Ingenuity: This fun history of technology explores epic failures and the good times, too.
  4. Digital Planet: Explore how digital technology affects culture, society and more.
  5. The 404: The 404 is a fun feed that takes on the lighter side of technology and tech culture.
  6. Delivering Technology Training in a Manner That Works: Those who need to design technology training systems may want to check out this feed.
  7. Girls and Science: Find out how girls contribute to and are affected by science and technology classes and the greater industry.
  8. Xbox Lie’s Major Nelson Radio: Catch up with what’s new in the Xbox world.
  9. What’s New Now: This twice-weekly feed covers tech news.
  10. BusinessWeek Technology: Let BusinessWeek brief you on the latest technology stories.
  11. G4 Videogame Trailers: Discover the newest video games here.
  12. TechToys Video: Watch this feed to discover the latest tech toys from Japan.

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