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100+ Rankings to Pick Your School, City, Career, and More

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

In this society, we’re obsessed with finding the best of the best. For college students, that means finding the best school, major, career, city, and other important decisions in life. In this list, you’ll find a variety of rankings that will help you pick all of these things and more.


If you want to pick the best school for you, take a look at these rankings.

  1. America’s Best Graduate Schools: In this ranking, you’ll see more than 1,200 graduate level programs in business, medicine, and more.
  2. America’s Best Colleges: Check out these rankings to find data in a variety of disciplines.
  3. Business School Rankings and Profiles: Through BusinessWeek, you’ll find rankings for business schools in executive education, MBA, distance / online degrees, and more.
  4. Best Ivy League Schools: Check out this ranking to find out which ivy league schools can give you the best paycheck.
  5. Academic Ranking of World Universities: Find rankings for universities worldwide and by region here.
  6. Best Law Schools: Get data on the best law schools in this ranking.
  7. America’s Best High Schools: This ranking provides a list of gold, silver, and bronze high schools.
  8. Top Party Colleges by Salary Potential: Although these are definitely party schools, you can find out which ones have a high salary potential.
  9. Top State Universities by Salary Potential: In this ranking, you’ll learn about the salary potential of a variety of state universities.
  10. Academic Ranking of World Universities: Here you’ll find a ranking of the best universities in the world.
  11. Top Liberal Arts Colleges: In this ranking, you’ll see the liberal arts colleges that have the highest salary potential.
  12. Top Nursing Colleges by Popularity: Nursing students should check out this ranking of top nursing colleges.
  13. The Best Online Universities: In this ranking, you’ll find the best online universities, considered by graduation rates, years accredited, and more.
  14. Rankings of Australian Universities: This ranking offers a look at the best Universities in Australia.
  15. Best Engineering Colleges: Engineering students can earn higher salaries if they obtain education through one of these schools.
  16. World’s Best Colleges and Universities: Find out about the best colleges and universities in the world from this ranking.

Careers and Majors

Be sure you’re making a good decision about your future by taking these rankings into consideration when you choose your major and career.

  1. The Best and Worst Jobs in the US: Find out what the Wall Street Journal thinks are the best and worst careers.
  2. 15 Hot Jobs in a (Gulp!) Depression: Even in hard times, you can expect to do well in these careers.
  3. Top 10 Paying College Majors: This ranking will tell you about 10 college majors that will land you a high starting salary.
  4. Job Satisfaction By Major: This ranking lists how satisfied you may be working in a variety of majors.
  5. Top 10 Recessionproof Jobs: You’ll find success even in a recession if you decide to take on one of these jobs.
  6. Top 10 Best Jobs: profiles the 10 best jobs in America based on job satisfaction, stress, creativity, and more.
  7. Young and Restless-Top 20 Jobs: These jobs are some of the best for young and restless workers.
  8. Rate of Unemployment by Major: Find out which majors tend to result in unemployment from this ranking.
  9. The 10 Most Worthless College Majors: Check out this list to find college majors you should avoid.
  10. America’s Best-and Worst- Paying Jobs: This ranking will show you which jobs will get you paid, and which ones may not be worth the trouble.
  11. Top 20 Jobs for Parents Returning to Work: In these jobs, you’ll find a challenging career that leaves room for your family.
  12. 7 Best Nonpolitical Jobs for Political Junkies: If you want to be in politics without actually being in them, check out these jobs.
  13. Top 10 Highest Paying College Majors: offers this list of college majors that will pay you back.
  14. Top 20 Jobs for a Change If You’re Over 50: Find your ideal second job in this ranking.
  15. The 6 Coolest Jobs for Weird Majors: If you have an unconventional degree, look at this ranking to find a cool career.
  16. Average Starting and Current Salaries by Major: Find out what different majors will pay you in this ranking.
  17. Percent Still in Field by Major: This ranking will tell you which majors had alumni that stayed in their field.
  18. Most Lucrative College Majors: Find out which college majors offer the best salaries from this ranking.
  19. The 7 Best Jobs for Facebook Addicts: If you’re addicted to using Facebook, these jobs would be a great fit for you.
  20. Top 10 Most Profitable College Majors: Study one of these majors to ensure that you’ll have a high starting salary.
  21. Top 20 Jobs for Those Retired from the Military: If you’re just leaving the military, be sure to check out this ranking that profiles jobs that can make use of your skills.


Learn about the best cities, states, countries, and more from these rankings.

  1. Best Cities to Live, Work, and Play: These cities are ranked by cost of living, creative class, income, and more.
  2. Most Secure US Places: Find places with good health, prosperity, safety, and security in this city ranking.
  3. Where to Ride Out a Gas Crunch: This list shares the top 10 places with short commutes or work with low fuel consumption.
  4. Where Homes are Affordable: In this list, you’ll find 25 growing cities with affordable housing.
  5. Best Culture in US Cities: This list ranks 25 large US cities by their level of cultural activities available.
  6. City Crime Rankings: Find out which cities have the highest crime ratings here.
  7. The 100 Largest City Parks: Be sure to check out this list to find out which cities have the largest parks.
  8. Best Places to Live: Money ranks 100 of America’s best small cities.
  9. Ten Cities for Job Growth in 2009: If you’re looking for employment this year, these cities are where it’s at.
  10. Cleanest US Cities: The cities at the top of this list are always spic and span.
  11. 2008 MSN Real Estate Best Bargain Markets: In this ranking, you’ll find affordable, comfortable cities to live in.
  12. The Global Gender Gap Index: This index offers a ranking of gender equality achieved in countries.
  13. 25 Top-Earning Towns: This ranking of cities will tell you where the money is.
  14. Ten Best Metropolitan Areas in the United States: This list ranks ten metropolitan areas based on culture, housing, health care, and other important factors.
  15. Greenest Countries-Most Livable Places: This ranking will give you a look into the world’s most livable green countries.
  16. America’s Most Livable Communities: In this ranking, you’ll learn about the most livable places in the United States.
  17. Ratio of Students to Teaching Staff: Check out this ranking to find out which countries have the highest ratio of students to teachers.
  18. Singles, Meet Your Match: This list profiles 25 places with the highest percentage of singles. Most Expensive Cities in the World: Learn about the most expensive cities in the world from this ranking that looks at apartment purchase prices.
  19. Best Places to Retire: Check out this ranking list to find 1,000 excellent spots to retire in.
  20. SustainLane’s 2008 US City Rankings: SustainLane ranks the 50 most-populous cities in the nation by their levels of urban sustainability.
  21. America’s Most Literate Cities: In this ranking, you’ll find out the literacy of America’s major cities based on newspaper circulation, resources, education, bookstores, and more.
  22. 2008 Best Performing Cities: Take a look at this ranking to find US metropolitan areas that are creating and sustaining jobs and economic growth.
  23. Top 50 Cities in the US by Population and Rank: In this list, you’ll find the 50 most populous cities in the US.
  24. America’s 25 Most Ozone-Polluted Metropolitan Areas: In these cities, you can expect to find a high level of respiratory irritant.
  25. Total Health Expenditures as % of GDP: This ranking takes a look at the countries that spend the most on health care.

Economies, Industries & Companies

These rankings will help you learn about great companies, industries, and countries to work for.

  1. Best Places to Work in the Federal Government: This ranking will tell you about the best federal agencies to work for.
  2. Blue-Ribbon Companies: These companies made the most Fortune lists, including the Fortune 500, Best Companies to Work for, and Fastest-Growing.
  3. Economic Freedom World Rankings: These countries are full of economic opportunity and prosperity.
  4. Top 500 Hispanic Businesses: Here you’ll find the best Hispanic businesses.
  5. 100 Fastest-Growing Companies: In this list, you’ll find the corporations that are growing the fastest these days.
  6. 25 Top-Paying Companies: Find out which companies offer big paychecks in this ranking.
  7. Economy Rankings: Check out this report to find out which economies are the easiest to do business with.
  8. America’s Most Admired Companies: Take a look at this list to see which companies are thought of well.
  9. Top 10 Companies for Job Growth: Work for one of these companies, and you’ll be at less risk for layoffs, and have a better chance at advancement.
  10. InformationWeek500: In this ranking, you’ll find the 500 companies that make the best use of business technology.
  11. Top 100 Diversity Employers: These employers are ideal for diverse students looking for work.
  12. Fortune 500: This ranking profiles America’s largest corporations.
  13. 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers: Working parents should check out this list to find companies with family-friendly policies.
  14. Best Places to Launch a Career: In this ranking, you’ll find employers that will help catapult you to success.
  15. Best Benefits: Health Care: This ranking explores 15 companies with excellent health care plans.
  16. Global 500: This list offers a ranking of the world’s 500 largest corporations.
  17. Latina Style 50: Latina Style ranks 50 companies that are sensitive to professional Hispanic women.
  18. 10 Most Accountable Big Companies: Check out this ranking to find companies with a commitment to social and environmental goals.
  19. World’s Most Admired Companies: This list takes a look at companies that are admired around the world.
  20. The 35 Largest US Private Companies: In this ranking, you’ll find the biggest names in business that work outside of the public markets.
  21. Top Entry Level Employers: Workers ust getting started in their careers can find success with these employers.
  22. 100 Best Companies to Work For: Fortune lists the 100 best companies to work for.
  23. 2008 Best Employers for Workers Over 50: If you’re 50 or older and looking for a job, this ranking if full of great companies to work for.
  24. 100 Best Places to Work in IT: This ranking offers 100 IT companies that offer fair paychecks, challenging work, and ample opportunities.
  25. 25 Most Desirable MBA Employers: In this list, you’ll see companies that MBAs want to work for the most.
  26. The Employee Ownership 100: Check out these companies that offer ownership to their employees.
  27. America’s 200 Best Small Companies: This ranking profiles 200 small companies that offer stability.


Pick the best cars, health insurance, and more from these product rankings.

  1. Best Cars & Trucks: Learn about the best cars, SUVs, trucks, and hybrids that you can buy from this ranking.
  2. Best Health Plans: Discover the best commercial health plans in America from this ranking.
  3. Guide to Greener Electronics: In this guide, you’ll see how electronics companies stack up on their environmental policies.
  4. Best and Worst Used Cars: This guide offers a look at reliable models as well as ones that will give you trouble.
  5. Top 5 in Brand Perception by Category: This ranking will tell you which brands rank the best for new car buyers.
  6. Best Health Insurance Plans: Check out this ranking collection to find out about the best commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid HMOs.
  7. Best New Car Deals: Find out which cars can offer you a great deal from this ranking.


Trust your health to the best with the help of these rankings.

  1. Best Hospitals: Check out this raking to find the best hospitals in over 16 specialties.
  2. America’s Safest Hospitals: These hospitals offer the best care and protection against complications and mortality.
  3. Best Hospitals Honor Roll: Here you’ll find 19 elite hospitals that were good enough to be on the Honor Roll.
  4. Leapfrog Top Hospitals: This ranking offers some of the most high quality and safe hospitals.
  5. America’s Best Children’s Hospitals: You’ll learn about the best children’s hospitals for cancer, surgery, and more from this ranking.
  6. 100 Top Hospitals: You’ll find the 100 most successful hospitals in this list.

100 Blogs that Will Save You Time & Make You More Productive

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Today’s busy lifestyles require that everyone put in extra hours when it comes to careers, family, and even free time. Learn how to better manage your time to get more done in less time. The following blogs will help you find ways to become more productive whether it’s at home or work–and no matter what profession you have. Entrepreneurs, professors, students, creatives, technology buffs, and even those just looking for inspiration for productive lives will all find blogs with plenty of information and suggestions to get things done more efficiently.

Productivity for Life

Many of the blogs listed in this section are super popular–and for good reason. The advice found in these blogs includes suggestions for finding time, managing money, creating more time for family, and even finding your happiness.

  1. Stepcase Lifehack. The posts here not only include ways to become more productive, but also offer suggestions to help streamline and enhance your money, technology, work, and more.
  2. Zen Habits. The inspirational posts here cover many ways to make your life more simple and at the same time, enriched. From family time to work to money, you can find great tips here.
  3. SimpleProductivityBlog. Find tips on productivity, simplicity, ways to incorporate technology, and more at this blog.
  4. Productivity in Context. The posts here offer suggestions for boosting your productivity and also provides tools for increasing your organization.
  5. Scott H Young. Written by a student at university, this popular blog offers tons of information to help balance energy, productivity, and life.
  6. Get Everything Done. Mark Forster writes about time management and personal organization on his blog.
  7. Productivity501. Increase your personal productivity with the advice available here with focus on time management, money, organization, and technology.
  8. The Slacker Method. The tips on this blog are all referred to as "Slacker Method for…" but they are truly just productive ways to manage your day-to-day tasks with tips on everything from getting ready for work in the morning to measuring without a ruler.
  9. Productive Flourishing. This blog is for those who are too busy to try out new productivity systems and need suggestions that affect them immediately. Check out the recent Beyond Productivity series to see what many productivity gurus have been discussing.
  10. Dumb Little Man. Productivity, saving money, and staying sane are the focus of the posts at this popular blog.
  11. Marc and Angel Hack Life. Get tips for personal productivity with this blog.
  12. parent hacks. No one needs to find more time in the day than busy parents, and this blog helps with great tips. Check out the mean maraca tip for dealing with road rage–even non-parents could use this one.
  13. The Cranking Widgets Blog. Personal productivity is the focus of this popular blog with recent posts including disconnecting from the computer, too much work killing productivity, and being a career renegade.
  14. Nick Pagan. With topics such as procrastination, GTD, and cleaning the mind of clutter, this advice at this blog can boost your productivity.
  15. Productivity 101. Lifehacking, GTD, and personal productivity are at the heart of the posts at this blog.
  16. An Extra Hour Every Day. This blog offers great suggestions for saving time and boosting productivity for work, travel, and home.
  17. Tools for Thought. Find ways to change your thinking, behavior, and habits to make positive changes to increase productivity with the tips and information here.
  18. Matthew Cornell. This productivity consultant offers advice for personal and work productivity on his blog.
  19. Ian’s Messy Desk. Get suggestions ranging from risk-taking to mind-mapping to ways to keep a journal with this blog that offers ideas to boost productivity.

Productivity Specifically for Work

While many productivity blogs focus on both personal productivity and productivity at work, these blogs specialize in the work variety.

  1. Productivity Cafe. Learn tips to increase your productivity at work with the advice at this blog.
  2. Organize IT. This blog features organization, personal development, and more to help boost productivity at work to make more time for life.
  3. Business Hacks. From writing great resumes to effective note-taking, this blog offers great advice to creating a more productive work life.
  4. GTD Times. Authorized by David Allen, the founder of Getting Things Done, this blog focuses on GTD in a business environment and also provides a heavy dose of technology and GTD.
  5. The Queen of KAOS. For those who work at home, this blog offers tips for time management, productivity, working with kids in the house, goal-setting, and more.

Productivity for Creatives

If you are a creative type, these blogs are for you and offer plenty of suggestions for ways to work and live more productively.

  1. 43 Folders. This blog is devoted to helping spark creativity while increasing productivity at work.
  2. LifeClever. This blog for designers focuses on creativity and productivity in both life and work.
  3. LifeDev. Devoted to empowering creative types, topics include taking care of your body to boost your brain power and ways to boost creativity.
  4. Presentation Zen. If your professional life requires you make presentations, then you must read this blog. From technology to creativity, the tips here are invaluable.
  5. A List Apart. Web designers can find plenty of advice about creating effective websites with this blog.
  6. Eirik Solheim approaches photography and marketing with a less-is-more approach that he shares with the posts in his blog.
  7. Escape from Cubical Nation. For those creatives trying to break out on their own, this blog offers constructive advice and suggestions to help make the switch to a productive and liberating work experience.
  8. David Seah. The explorative and insightful posts on this blog offer new ways for creatives to think about goals, productivity, and more.

Productivity with Technology

Technology provides so many ways to help people make the most of their time. These blogs provide great advice for ways to incorporate technology into your life to save time and work more efficiently.

  1. Lifehacker. With an emphasis on the high tech, this blog offers tons of suggestions for making work and life more productive.
  2. Gizmodo. While some technology works opposite of productivity, most of the fun gadgets and apps found here will help you live and work more productively–or at least more technically connected.
  3. Hack the Day. This blog promotes personal productivity, ideas for easier computer usage, and software to make life easier.
  4. My Stuff for Getting Things Done. This blog provides tips for getting things done with a special focus on lifehacks and technology.
  5. Smart Productivity. Written by a software engineer, this blog on productivity and GTD has a definite technological edge to it.
  6. Technotheory. This blog strives to bring technology to it’s readers in hopes of improving productivity and happiness.
  7. Did I Get Things Done. This GTD blog offers plenty of tech solutions to aid in your goal of getting it all done.
  8. Wild Apricot Blog. Productivity for organizations through technology is the theme of this blog.
  9. A simple matter of…. With a unique combination of productivity tips and programming tips, those who work in technology can gain plenty of helpful information.
  10. Signal vs. Noise. A blog of 37 Signals, the posts here cover a wide range including technology, design, simplicity, and the surrounding culture.


Many of these blogs teach techniques for entrepreneurs that will help them become better at a specific aspect of the whole business. Some focus on copywriting, others on marketing, and others on communication. Follow this advice and your productivity and time saved will increase by doing things more efficiently and correctly.

  1. Dave Cheong. This software engineer is working towards entrepreneurship and offers plenty of tips to help your entrepreneurial endeavors as well.
  2. Copyblogger. If online marketing is your gig, then you won’t want to miss the copywriting tips available on this blog.
  3. How to Change the World. Guy Kawasaki writes this blog that helps entrepreneurs with topics such as the value of neatness, making the most of collaborative environments, and increasing the value of learning.
  4. Brand Autopsy. This marketing guru passes along plenty of advice to help you cut to the chase when it comes to marketing your products.
  5. Create Your Communications Experience. Bert Decker shares ways to effectively use communication (both written and spoken) to enhance your leadership and business.
  6. Seth’s Blog. Seth Godin offers practical and simple advice to implement effective marketing techniques for your business.
  7. Delightful Work. This blog covers ways to free up time, expressing yourself, putting your vision into practice and more as you move from employee to self-employed.
  8. Careerjolt. While not specifically for entrepreneurs, this blog does offer plenty of advice that business owners and managers alike can use.
  9. Learn This. Leadership, self-education, and successful living are the focus of this blog. Recent topics include humility of leadership, giving direction, and accepting mistakes.
  10. Productivity in Context. Stephen shares his knowledge for leadership, GTD, and productivity for those making their way in the business world.

Productivity in Academia

Whether you are a professor or grad student, you will find helpful information in these blogs especially designed to make your academic life more efficient, productive, and easier to live.

  1. Academic Productivity. Those in academia, whether instructor or student, will find helpful suggestions on increasing productivity, meeting deadlines, and more.
  2. Academhack. From access to inexpensive, yet legal, texts to the debate about wireless in the classroom to free academic email accounts, this blog doesn’t shy away from potentially controversial topics when making suggestions for academic productivity.
  3. Academic Commons. With a focus on technology and liberal arts education, this site seeks to connect those in academia with innovative ways to improve education.
  4. Academic Lifehacker. This blog provides tips and software to help make scholarship more efficient for both students and professors.
  5. Getting Things Done in Academia. Specifically for grad students, this blog offers suggestions for "creativity, scholarship, communication, and time management."
  6. High Touch. With an emphasis on technology and social media, this blog offers insight as well as tips for streamlining your processes.
  7. Productive Scholar. Backing up files, ways to use commute time efficiently, creating great presentations with LaTeX, and portable apps for students are some of the more recent posts on this blog.
  8. Tomorrow’s Professor Blog. MIT and Stanford have created this blog to help facilitate discussion on issues surrounding higher education.
  9. academic coach. Specifically geared toward grad students, recent grads seeking faculty positions, and tenure-track faculty, this blog offers news and advice about succeeding in the academic world.
  10. Professor Time’s Weblog. From creating a supply box that goes along to class with your laptop to grading strategies, this blog has great suggestions for saving time and being more productive.
  11. Proto-Scholar. With tips for productivity to learning to navigate the world of academia, this PhD student shares the journey and lessons learned.

For Students Only

These blogs are specifically for students and offer great suggestions for ways to make the most of your high school or college time and prepare you for a strong future.

  1. HackCollege. College students can learn plenty of helpful tips including helpful technology, surviving the first semester of college, and hangover-hacking.
  2. Gearfire. Learn how to print your own specialized paper, learn about great time-saving web tools, and even get efficient travel suggestions at this blog devoted to helping students succeed.
  3. School is a Game. Providing plenty of tips to help students compete and get ahead, this blog approaches school achievement as a game that you can win.
  4. Students can find study tips, productivity ideas, and more to help ensure scholastic success.
  5. Study Hacks. Get great ideas for ways to boost your productivity when it comes to your school work with ideas such as using free time wisely, learning what to quit, and how to get through difficult courses.
  6. Welcome to the Dr. Wizard Group. Dr. Wizard posts advice for college students in this blog.
  7. Grad Hacker. Specifically aimed at grad students, but offering great advice for anyone wanting to boost productivity, this blog offers lots of great suggestions.
  8. That College Kid. With an eye on technology, this blog features plenty of ways college students can work more efficiently.
  9. Surviving College. Ideas at this blog range from setting goals to keeping in touch to decorating with freebies.
  10. The Students’ Blog. From finding affordable workspaces to useful student websites to staying productive over the summer, this blog offers plenty of ideas to keep college students on track and working efficiently.
  11. University Scholar. Recently undergoing a facelift, this blog will focus on ways to get the most out of your education to prepare for your future.
  12. Zen College Life. From keeping healthy to helpful iPhone apps to rewards for reaching goals, this blog is devoted to simplifying college life.
  13. The Good Habits Blog. A spin-off of the book by the same name, this blog covers good habits that students can follow to help ensure their success.


Staying organized at home and at the office is a huge boost to productivity and time-management. Take the suggestions from these blogs to get rid of clutter, both physically and mentally, and keep your life organized.

  1. Unclutterer. Learn how to unclutter your space and keep it that way with topics covering issues such as downsizing your house, keeping photos organized, and real-life clutter make-overs.
  2. Apartment Therapy. Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to live under a bunch of clutter. This blog offers stylish and useful ways to transform your small space.
  3. Remodelista. With a focus on simple, uncluttered living space, this blog offers suggestions as well as places to purchase items to keep your living space streamlined and functional.
  4. Everlasting Designs. This blog has the bonus of not only showing readers ways to simplify and declutter their surroundings, but their habits and attitudes as well.
  5. Virtually Organized. Find out how to get rid of clutter, stop procrastinating, better manage your time, and more at this blog.
  6. Get Organized Wizard. Learn how to organize all the different parts of your life with the suggestions from this professional organizer.
  7. The Organized Life. Get tips of the week archived at this blog, which is an extension of Emily Wilska’s website and business.
  8. Jeri’s Organizing & Decluttering News. From unwanted gifts to coat stands to organizing the bath tub, you’ll find plenty of ways to organize your living space with this blog.
  9. This blog offers simple suggestions for getting your mind in the right frame to sharpen your organizational skills. The posts prompt you to think about color, ways to organize your books, and suggestions for cleaning out your closets.
  10. Creative Organizing Blog. Get tips for creative ways to organize your space, suggestions for books to help organize your life, and more.
  11. It’s Not About Your Stuff. Understand the psychology behind why you clutter with the information and suggestions from this blog. While the posts here have slowed, the archives are timely and worth reading.
  12. The Clutter Diet Blog. Get tons of organizing tips from Lorie Marrero. Recent tips include how to manage "high calorie" clutter, planning ahead, and goal-setting.

Productivity through Inspiration

These blogs provide inspiration for your mind and soul so you can approach the daily tasks of your life in a centered state of mind. Find out how much more productively you work when your mind is at peace by reading these blogs.

  1. The Happiness Project. Finding your happiness will improve how you work and live. This blog reports Gretchen Rubin’s experiments to find the best ways of attaining happiness through practical living.
  2. My Bad Habits. Learn how to change from bad habits to good habits and stick with that change by reading the helpful advice at this blog.
  3. Pick the Brain. Personal productivity, motivation, and self-education are the focus of this blog.
  4. The tips at this blog focus on self-improvement with topics that include ways to create your own success and reaching goals.
  5. Lyved. Focus on the positive with the articles found on this blog that offer suggestions for personal improvement in life and work.
  6. Illuminated Mind. Find your energy and inspiration from the posts at this blog that focus on following dreams, letting go of the unnecessary, and more.
  7. On Simplicity. Learn ways to simplify your life, both physically and mentally, and make the most of your time.
  8. Awake @ the Wheel. With topics such as the lie of needing a life purpose, choosing between money and living, and the power of less, this blog will help you find inspiration to make the best choices for your life.
  9. communicatrix. Living by the idea that people learn best through biography, this blogger shares her life lessons in hopes of educating and inspiring her readers.
  10. Share Yoga Blog. Find meditation, inspiration, yoga, and more at this blog.
  11. This blog covers such a wide range that you can find tips for students, ways to build an emergency fund, relationship advice, and life lessons.
  12. Think Simple Now. Read about ways to simplify your life and achieve happiness with the tips at this blog.