100 Awesome Search Engines for Bibliophiles

The Internet is home to loads of resources for tried and true book lovers as well as numerous search engines and directories that can help you sort through those resources to find just what you need. Whether you want to find a great deal on the latest thriller or do some extensive research for a school project, these 100 search engines and web tools can help to point you in the right direction, saving you time that can be better spent reading.


These sites cover a wide range of book searching needs from getting recommendations to finding out more about a particular book.

  1. Google Book Search: With this specialty search engine from Google you can search through books you might like to buy and read previews and excerpts.
  2. LazyLibrary: Use this search engine if you’re looking for a short read. It can give you results on books with 200 pages or less.
  3. What Should I Read Next?: On this site, simply enter in the latest book you’ve read and loved and you’ll get results based on your personal preferences that can help you choose a new book to read.
  4. Whichbook: Need help choosing a book to read? This search site can help. Simply enter in some search parameters like "sad", "long" or "easy" and you’ll get a list of books that fit your wants.
  5. BookBrowse: Don’t waste your time browsing through tons of books you could care less about, use this search and recommendation tool to find books that are geared towards your personal interests.
  6. Internet Book Database: Similar to the more well-known Internet Movie Database, this site is an essential resource for those who want to know more about a book. Enter the title or author into the search engine and you’ll get informative results about the content and themes of the text.
  7. BookSpot: This site allows you to search or browse for a huge range of information on books. You can compare prices, read reviews, find facts and much more.
  8. A9: This search engine is a great tool if you’re in the market to buy books, but it can also give you previews of their content letting you get a sneak peek before you buy.
  9. Amazon.com: While not just a search engine, Amazon does provide an easy and fast way to search for the books you want. You can buy them new or used, get recommendations, read reviews and possibly not even pay shipping to have them arrive at your doorstep.
  10. Fiction Database: Lovers of fiction can take advantage of this site which allows you to search, organize, buy and sell books all from their webpage.

Research and Study

The Internet is a great place to do some research, whether personal, business or academic, and these search tools can save you some time and help you find what you need.

  1. Google Scholar: Find the journals and books you need to write a killer term paper with this helpful search engine.
  2. Pink Monkey: Don’t understand what the heck an author is talking about? Search through this site for helpful study guides and summaries of famous books.
  3. BookMuse: Be the envy of your classmates with a little help from this site. It can give you lists of questions to consider when reading a book. Simply search for your novel and get some pointers on the big ideas it contains.
  4. Intute: This site is a great place to search for resources for your research on science and technology. You’ll get access to hand-selected journals, websites and, yes, books too, that can help you make the most of your topic.
  5. INFOMINE: While it might not link you directly to books, this site can be a great help in directing you to other sites that do contained more specific annotations for research.
  6. Virtual LRC: This site contains carefully chosen resources from all over the web in a wide range of topics. You’ll be able to find the most reliable and informative sites that can direct you to books and articles of interest.
  7. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Don’t let that Kant or Nietzsche book get you all confused and unable to write a paper. Use this online encyclopedia to search for terms you don’t understand.
  8. Quoteland: Want to reference a quote but don’t quite remember who said it or the exact wording? You can find both through the search function on this site.
  9. Bubl Link: Check out this site for easy searchability for academic sites and resources to help you in your studies.
  10. Scandoo: One problem with researching on the Internet is that not everything you find may be accurate or helpful. This search engine can help you to find the most trustworthy sites so you can draw your information from those.
  11. Scirus: For those who not only love books but science too, this site can be an extremely helpful resource. It provides an easy way to search everything science related from journals to scientist webpages and even the records of scientific institutions.


These search tools and websites can help you find the best deals on virtually any kind of book that you’re in the market to buy.

  1. BookSaleFinder: Use the search tools provided by this site to find the biggest and best book sales in your area.
  2. Booksprice: Enter the book you’re looking for on this site and get comparisons with prices from online stores all over the net.
  3. BookCost: Search for new books to read on this site and when you’ve found a winner, you can compare prices for it on a wide range of online stores.
  4. ISBN.nu: With this search tool you can guarantee that you’ll find the best price on a book whether it’s brand new or out-of-print.
  5. BookFinder: Check out this search tool to compare prices on over 150 million books, including rare, old and international editions as well.
  6. BookBurro: Install this program and you’ll be able to easily find the best prices on any book you spy on the web.
  7. ISBN Spy: Simply enter the ISBN number of the book you want to find into this search engine and you’ll get results that tell you where to go to get the lowest price.
  8. BigWords: Whether you need textbooks for a class or just a new book to read on a long flight, you’ll find the best deal through this online search and comparison site.
  9. IndieBound: If you can’t bear to give your money for books to a big corporation, check out this site. It can help you search to find the books you’re looking for at smaller, independent bookstores in your area or online.
  10. Abe Books: This online retailer can help you find the best prices on books as it draws from over 13,000 online retailers to give you prices.
  11. AddAll: If you’re looking for a book you know is going to be hard to find, check out this search engine. It combines searches from loads of other sites to help you find the book you need.
  12. Biblio.com: This online shopping site allows you to search through millions of books, purchase them or list your own books to sell. You can even find a special section for rare books.
  13. Bublos: Search for books and compare prices on this site. You’ll also find reviews and links to bookstores in your area.

Online Books

If you’re not too attached to your paper versions of books, check out these search engines for online books as an alternative.

  1. Free Books: Why pay for books if you don’t have to? This site offers a number of free and legal book downloads.
  2. ManyBooks: This site makes it easy to find free books to read on your computer, PDA, iPod or eBook reader with both new and old titles available.
  3. FeedBooks: Check out this site to search for for loads of books that you can read on the go.
  4. The Rare Book Room: Search through this site to see photos and text from some of the most famous books ever written.
  5. Bartleby.com: Here you can find thousands of online books that you can read for free. Simply search through their database to get access to those you’re interested in.
  6. eBookSearchr: Use this search engine to make finding eBooks and other online reading materials easy as can be.
  7. BookYards: With a huge collection of eBooks and free texts, searching through this site can provide you with reading material for a long time.
  8. Digital Book Index: Refine your search for online reading material on this site. You’ll get easy access to thousands of the best digitized text resources on the web.
  9. Wowio: Search for the book you want to read on this site. If they have it, you’ll be able to download and read it free of charge.
  10. DailyLit: This site provides an interesting twist on searching for online books. You can find the book you want and have chunks of it sent to you in email or RSS form to read.
  11. World Public Library: While this site isn’t free to use, it does contain a large number of searchable e-books that can make it possible for you to find just about anything you’re looking for.
  12. Project Gutenberg: This site provides one of the largest repositories of free eBooks with thousands of titles that are in public domain available.


Find books that fit your specific interests and needs through these searchable sites.

  1. TitleZ: Whether you’re doing research on a particular author or want to know when to push your new book, this site can help. Enter in the book you want and you’ll get all kinds of statistical data about it.
  2. Wordie: Just love words? Check out this site to search for your favorite words and see who else is talking about them too. You may even learn a few new ones in the process.
  3. The Poetry Archive: If you’re a fan of poetry, check out this online site. You’ll get free access to search through hundreds of recordings of poets reading their poems.
  4. Stop, You’re Killing Me: Fans of mystery novels can find out information about their favorite authors and series through the indices on this site.
  5. The Neglected Books Page: Explore some of the world’s most forgotten works of literature by searching or browsing on this page.
  6. AuthorsTrack: If you want to meet your favorite author this site can help you do that. Search for your state to find out who’s coming to sign books soon in your area.
  7. Comic Book Database: Comic books are literature too, and you can search through this database for information about your favorite series or issue.
  8. Mostly Romance: Fans of romance novels can find facts and information about their favorite titles through this site, and if you see one you don’t have it’s easy to add it to your shopping cart and buy it.
  9. TomFolio: If you’re a book collector, check out this site. It will put you in touch with a collective of rare and old book sellers.
  10. The Science Fiction Search Engine: Find information about your favorite science fiction authors and books through this search engine.
  11. SciFiMatter: Give this site a look if you’re interested in learning more about a variety of science fiction and fantasy authors and their works. You can find links to sites on books like the Lord of the Rings and Wheel of Time.


These search engines and databases can make it easier to find information on your favorite works of literature.

  1. Inlibris: This site provides a large collection of literary resources presented in a novel search format that can use searches by previous users to give you results.
  2. Pilot-Search: Give this site a try to find search results in literature as well as the other fine arts.
  3. Voice of the Shuttle: Here you’ll find an searchable database of resources on books, authors and literary movements.
  4. Furness Shakespeare Library: If you’re a fan of Shakespeare but don’t own copies of all of his work, don’t despair. You’ll find a searchable collection of his famous works free to you here.
  5. The Labyrinth: Search through tons of resources on Medieval literature on this Georgetown University site.
  6. British Fiction 1800-1829: While somewhat specific in scope, this site contains an online database that you can search for more information on your favorite 19th century authors.
  7. The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism: Search through this online guide to literary theory to information on how to write your own criticism as well as learn about some of the most important literary critics.
  8. A Celebration of Women Writers: Search through this site to find information about important female writers from ancient times to today and all around the world.
  9. Great Books List: Want to make sure you’ve read the best of the best when it comes to books? Check out this collection of great books lists to find one that suits your personal needs.
  10. Glossary of Poetic Terms: Get a leg up on understanding the poetry you’re reading with this helpful searchable glossary.
  11. Glossary of Literary Terms: Whether you’re delving into literary criticism or just want some basic definitions this site can help you search and find what you need.


Why pay for books if you don’t have to? These sites make it easy to find a library or locate library materials.

  1. WorldCat: This search engine makes it easy to find the books you need or want at a library near you. Simply enter the item you’re looking for an get of list of area libraries that have it.
  2. Law Library Search Engine: If legal reference material is what you’re looking for, this site can help you identify where to find the books or journals you need.
  3. Medical Library Search Engine: Whether you are a medical student or you just love reading about medical issues, you’ll find help locating books and information on this site.
  4. Library of Congress: One of the largest libraries in the world, the Library of Congress contains millions of books and resources. Search through their online catalog or enjoy their digital resources.
  5. Public Library Search: Find the public library closest to you with this government-sponsored search engine.
  6. Ibex: Visit this site for a directory of library homepages so you can find libraries in your area, mange the materials you have checked out or browse the catalogs of other libraries.
  7. The Open Library: This open source project features an advanced search to ensure you get the exact book or publication you’re looking for.
  8. Awesome Library: This online library search engine can help you find full-text books, journals, kid-safe sites, business information and more.
  9. Internet Public Library: Check out this site to find helpful references, links to search engines and archives and much more.

Sharing and Swapping

These sites are great places to search for books and potentially not have to pay a dime for them.

  1. Textbook Revolt: Whether you’re in a need of a history textbook to refresh your memory or just want to read about Plato’s philosophies, you swap books online on this site geared towards college students.
  2. Read It Swap It: This UK-based site allows you to search for the books you want and get them for free by posting and trading books you don’t want.
  3. Paperback Swap: Sign up on this site to post your old books and search through thousands of others you might want to add to your bookshelf.
  4. Book Mooch: Check out the listings on this site to give new life to your bookshelf. List the books you want and trade with others for new books you haven’t read.
  5. Bookins: Through this site, you can get all kinds of new books (and DVDs). Use their search feature to find what you want and simply pay shipping and handling to have it sent to your door.
  6. Book Crossing: Join thousands of others who share and search for new reading material on this book swap site.
  7. America’s BookShelf: Search through the listings on this site to find new books that you want and clear off your bookshelf of books you’ve already read.
  8. Swap Tree: This site provides a free forum for trading books and audio recordings with others. Simply join and start searching.
  9. Frugal Reader: If you love to read but can’t bear to part with the money for full price books, check out this swapping site. You can search through books to find the titles you want to read.
  10. Title Trader: Check out this site to search through listings of books people are looking to get rid of and post your own books to arrange a swap. You’ll get new reading material at no cost to you.
  11. Book Swap: Don’t let those old books just gather dust on your shelves, trade them for books you do want on this site.

Reviews and Summaries

Find out what other people think of books through these search engines.

  1. Juice Spot: Get the "juice" on books of all kinds, fiction and non-fiction on this site. You can search through other user’s reviews or add your own.
  2. All Readers: This site provides a searchable collection of book reviews. You can search generally by the type of book or very specifically if you know just what you’re looking for.
  3. Book Jive: Don’t have time to read a whole book? This site allows you to search for summaries of books that can make it easier to determine if it would be useful to you or to pretend that you have read all those great works of literature.
  4. Mostly Fiction: This site is a great place to go for reviews of the latest fiction titles. Browse through the latest listings or enter your search at the bottom.
  5. Economic History Book Reviews: Need a review of a book related to economics? Check out this search engine to find out if it’s worth your time to read or use as a resource for further research.
  6. Reviews of Books: Search this site for hundreds of book reviews to give you an idea of what people love and what wasn’t quite as good as expected.
  7. Book Wire Reviews: This large site provides a number of book-related resources and can be a great place to find quality book reviews.
  8. Books In Print: Search through this site to get reviews on books both old and new.
  9. AntiStudy: Even if you love to read, the reality is that sometimes you just don’t have the time to get everything done and need a little help. This site provides summaries and study guides for a range of well-known novels.
  10. JiffyNotes: Get high quality literary summaries on this site as well as loads of study guides and helpful notes.
  11. Free Book Notes: Visit this site for free summaries and notes on books from The Bell Jar to The Republic.
  12. GetAbstract: If you’re a busy entrepreneur, you likely want to read all the new business books that come out but in reality only have time for one or two. This site gives you abstracts so you can get the gist of books without having to buy and read each one.

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